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Be A ‘Bridechilla’: 12 Ways To De-Stress Before The Shaadi!

Be A ‘Bridechilla’: 12 Ways To De-Stress Before The Shaadi!

It’s not breaking news that preparing for your wedding is going to be a stressful affair. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying. However, it is important to know that on your big day, you are the star and the star needs to look and feel awesome. So while you make those planning lists, and do those trials, here are things you must do to de-stress before your wedding.

1. Switch off. Do nothing

After a hard day at work and trials and shopping sessions, don’t sit in front of the idiot box or keep checking emails on your phone. Keep a cut-off time and after that – no TV, laptop, iPad or mobile phone. Just go on airplane mode on the phone, put on some soft music, sip chamomile tea and shut down. 1 de stress before your wedding

2. Make a bedtime ritual

From taking a calming bath and lighting scented candles to turning down the lights and pouring essential oils in the diffuser – make an everyday habit of unwinding. It will take two-three days to get used to it, and then you’ll start loving this down time.

3. Pamper yourself

While you are busy following your beauty regime, book regular appointments for head and shoulder massages. The knots in your upper back and that stress in your head needs to go if you have to look good on D-day.

4. Spa session with the besties

Make your worries go away at a spa weekend with your BFFs. A massage, facial or pedicure in a spa setting will do wonders for your stress levels. You’ll be a bridezilla no more! 4 de stress before your wedding

5. Don’t forget to breathe

In all that chaos, you may not have the time to squeeze in a yoga class (if you can, then brilliant) but you must give yourself five minutes every day. Just close your eyes, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth and watch how fresh you feel after this exercise.

6.Take a day off

Not for shopping or planning or trials – do this just to be with yourself. Ask yourself what it is that you always wanted to do in the city? Go to the zoo, watch a play or performance or head to the museum – be with yourself.

7. Do a movie marathon

Call your friends over and watch comedy movies back to back. Laugh till it hurts your gut. This is also a great way to spend time with your gang before you get married, ladies. 7 de stress before your wedding

8. Go see someone

An old aunt in another state or a friend who lives in a different city from yours. Make that long pending trip alone. You’ll feel good.

9. How about a small trek?

You may think why would we want you to do stressful stuff? Well, try this and tell us what you felt after it. It’ll be a good break from all the wedding planning madness, we bet.

10. Book a florist

Not for the wedding, but ask your local vendor to deliver fresh cuts in your vase at home thrice a week. You will love the feeling! 10 de stress before your wedding

11. Vent often

Call up your BFF, sister or favourite cousin and vent as much as you want about everything that’s bothering you. You’ll feel sooooo much better after it.

12. Hug your mom

No one can match up to this woman in your life… No one! GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Dec 30, 2016
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