11 Unromantic Little Truths That Make A Relationship *Stronger*

11 Unromantic Little Truths That Make A Relationship *Stronger*
Relationships are not always a bed of roses. No relationship is perfect and every couple goes through many ups and downs. These ups and downs are actually what strengthen the bond between the couple and bring them closer. Yes, girls, it's not all kisses and hearts - here are some unromantic truths about relationships that make the relationship stronger!

1. You might not want to talk to each other sometimes.

Does “You're annoying me, I’ll talk to you later” or “I am watching TV, will call later” sound familiar? Over a period of time, couples become so close and honest that they can clearly and openly tell each other that they aren’t in a mood to talk at the moment and would call them later. It might seem unromantic to the world that one is choosing to watch TV over talking to their partner but it actually keeps people sane!

2. The little things will always matter the most.

As time goes by, it is the little things in a relationship that matter the most. It doesn’t have to be the number of hours spent together or talking on the phone all day, rather it is the unromantic things and gestures which play the greatest part in a relationship.

3. The honeymoon phase will end.

The first few months of a relationship, often described as the ‘honeymoon phase’ will come to an end. But, this doesn’t mean that the relationship becomes dull and all the romance and love comes to an end! Instead, it is only after the initial months of a relationship, the contentment starts setting in in a relationship.

4. Some habits will always be annoying.

Of course, nobody is perfect and everyone has some irritating and annoying habits and sometimes, these habits can drive the other person up the wall. But, the important truth here is - that you just have to make your peace with these habits and love your partner just the way they are!

5. Loving will not be effortless.

On off days, it will be difficult to be completely awestruck and in love with each other. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is failing and that love has gone away, instead, it means that we're all just human and the relationship is actually real!

6. Companionship matters the most.

At the end of the day, companionship between the two people in a relationship matters the most. Physical attraction is important but not more than loving each other’s personality and company.

7. The time you spend with each other can reduce.

As time passes, the amount of time spent between the couple can reduce, and that's totally fine!  The focus shifts from quantity to quality and it isn’t about the number of hours or days spent together anymore.

8. And the PDA might reduce too!

PDA isn’t essential to express how much you love each other. That 'can't keep my hands off you' feeling does tend to fade but this doesn't affect your chemistry at all. The build up actually serves as great foreplay for the couple too!

9. You'll trust each other more with every passing day.

This is the core of the relationship - as days go by, the trust between the couple will increase; this doesn't mean you don't trust them in the beginning, just that there is a degree of blind faith and trust in each other.

10. Those three words might be said less often.

You won't feel the need to constantly tell each other how much you love them. You'll end up finding new and exciting things to do for each other that say ‘I love you’ without words!

11. You will both change as you become more mature together.

Growing old together is the most beautiful thing. But as you grow old, there are certain changes in a person which need to be accepted by their partners. It's only a natural process and you have to remember that nothing ever remains the same - we just have to adapt well to changes!

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