15 ADORABLE Things To Add To Your Couple’s Bucket List!

15 ADORABLE Things To Add To Your Couple’s Bucket List!
Whether your relationship is 6 months old or you've been dating for a decade, it’s never too soon or too late to have fun. It’s time to put your cool cap on and make a bucket list of things you both want to do together. Just to get you started, here are a few ideas for an ah-mazing bucket list for couples.

1. Ditch the tech gadgets for a day!

Phone, laptop, tab, pager…ditch everything! Spend your time doing whatever you want - dance, sleep, cook, talk, get naughty… The only condition being that you cannot use your devices. It will be so much fun, and trust us, it is gonna be such a relief!

1 bucket list for Couples

2. Have a beer golgappa contest

Or wine golgappa or any kind of weird golgappa you can think of. Even the regular ones will work just fine! Ready? Go!

3. Take a trip to a place you both have never been!

There is something about exploring new places together - it’s so romantic! Explore the place hand in hand and let your impulsive self, run wild for the day.

3 bucket list for Couples

4. Write a love letter… The old school, longhand kind

And actually post it, with the stamp and address and all. You don’t have to use big words and deep philosophy. Just think of it as writing something for your special someone and let the emotions flow. *Aww*

5. Create a time capsule!

Find something air-tight or well-sealed and put in some memories in that. Maybe stubs from your first movie together, a pen he owns, a bracelet he gifted you… Stuff like that. Then bury the container deep into your box bed, or in your backyard or, if possible, at the place where you first met. Wouldn’t it be great going back to it some time later on?

5 bucket list for Couples

6. Food spree around the city

Foodies are gonna just love this one! Set aside a day to go from place to place in your city and indulge in some yummy food. Try different things from different places and then compare your favourites!

7. Role play for a whole day!

Decide on a storyline and get into role play mode for a whole day. The night will definitely be saucy and interesting, we say!

7 bucket list for Couples

8. Get a couple tattoo

It does not have to be a permanent one. You can both get a similar, couple-y tattoos - you’re going to love ‘em! They can be temporary if you are not comfortable getting inked permanently.

9. Go for an unplanned long drive

Like just start driving, and go where the road takes you. Don’t plan the trip too much. Stock up your car (or backpack, if you are planning to go on a bike) with some food, water and basic necessities and let the path guide you to your adventure.

9 bucket list for Couples

10. Pick a daredevil act and do it!

Sounds cliche? But this one is a forever kind of memory. Skydiving, snorkelling, scuba diving, bungee jumping… Take your pick and do it together.

11. Make your own version of the #FollowMeTo series!

You don’t necessarily have to go on a grand vacay to do this. You could go to places around the city and click pictures. This can be done at new places you discover together or as you both revisit your fave ones!

11 bucket list for Couples

12. Perform together in public - dance, act, sing... Take your pick!

Prepare and perform, even if you suck at it. It’s going to make for a great memory.

13. Swap phones for a day

This one’s gonna be so much fun! We bet your day is going to full of laughter and maybe even a few surprises.

13 bucket list for Couples

14. Attempt to break a record from the Guinness Book Of World Records Or The Limca Book Of Records.

Pick a crazy one and have a go at it. You don’t necessarily have to succeed (kudos if you do!) but just do it for the fun of it!

15. Take each other’s best friend out on a date.

This one’s cute, don’t you think? It’s also a great way to get your bestie to gel with your partner (if he/ she doesn’t already). You can take his guy bestie out and he can do the same for your girl bestie!

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