10 Traits That Make Women *More* Attractive... Instantly!

10 Traits That Make Women *More* Attractive... Instantly!
We all have our own unique quirks but there are some basic traits that attract people to each other. It’s because of these traits that people actually take notice of only a few people from the sea of people they meet. It might be for a romantic relationship on even a completely platonic one. Here are 10 traits that make you attractive, instantly!

1. Your intelligence

Yes, that’s the first thing anyone will make a note of. And no, they won't judge it by how many general knowledge quizzes you can take. It simply means how well you talk about things that make complete sense of them.To be able to hold a conversation longer takes a sense of emotional and intellectual intelligence that draws people towards you.

2. Your sense of humour

Your sense of humour can win anyone over and is actually one of the main reasons that, both, men and women fall for the people they do! When you laugh, you not only release endorphins that spread similar energy, but laughing makes you look your most confident self, ever!

2 traits that make you attractive

3. The way you smell

This one’s easy to guess. A good perfume is a great point of attraction because you feel naturally drawn to that intoxicating smell, don’t you? But this also includes the way a person might smell naturally - no perfume necessary!

4. Your confidence

If you’re confident about yourself and the things you say, people will be drawn to talk to you, almost certainly! Whether you’re in your PJs or in the hottest party dress, how confident you feel about who you truly are, makes all the difference. A confident girl who knows what she wants and doesn't often feel insecure? So attractive!

4 traits that make you attractive

5. Your openness

Your willingness to learn is a major turn on for anyone you meet. It says so much about your personality; your willingness to accept the flaws you have, work on them and make the most of the people you meet. And, of course, to grow into a smart, successful woman! People love to befriend (and hire!) such people!

6. The way you smile

A smiling face is inviting, calm and makes room for wonderful conversations. Most people are drawn to a person’s smile just like a magnet because that’s how strong the power of a smile is. So even if you have that occasional frown, replace it with a wide toothy smile if you're trying to impress someone!

6 traits that make you attractive

7. Your positive energy

There’s nothing that beats this, seriously. People get instantly attracted to your energy, your buzz, the minute they talk to you and realize it's positive. Individuals can judge whether you’ve a positive vibe within no time of your meeting. If you have an attitude that’s cheerful and hopeful, they feel re-assured.

8. Your funny antics

If you thought your funny antics need to stay with you inside your washroom mirror, we’re here to tell you that they shouldn’t! Your weird quirks, your tongue-out expressions and even your over dramatic narratives are a part of who you truly are and attract people to you much more than you can imagine! So keep it weird, ladies and just have fun!

8 traits that make you attractive

9. Your honesty

Your honesty can do more good than you might have realized. Men like women who are honest about their opinions, their choices and their past. There’s no point in lying or hiding things, if you want or can see yourself in a relationship with someone. It can be about a topic you don’t like discussing, something you don't like to eat or even a person you dislike. Be honest about what you feel, girls!

10. They way you shake hands

A handshake is practically the first way you touch someone, physically. It’s also the first point of contact and the way anyone makes their first impression. Make a firm grip when you hold the other person’s hand, and hold for no longer than 3-4 seconds. Men love the handshake of a strong, confident girl and will definitely admire you for it!

10 traits that make you attractive

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