10 *Genius* Tips To Save A LOT On Your Bridal Lehenga!

10 *Genius* Tips To Save A LOT On Your Bridal Lehenga!
Most brides usually have a design in mind before they even step out to buy their dream bridal lehenga. It could be a lehenga style that a celeb wore or a designer’s new bridal line. And your real problem lies in how to get something that’s fabulous and well within your budget. Well, don’t be disheartened because it actually is possible! If you’re getting a lehenga customized for your big day, here are 10 tips to save on your bridal lehenga.

1. Ask for a sangeet/ engagement lehenga

1 save on your bridal lehenga

Ladies, just in case you didn’t know, prices for the same outfit can shoot up to 3 times the moment you say it’s for your wedding day. Asking the salesman for a sangeet lehenga in the colour you want to wear on your wedding will only make them quote a better price. Give this trick a try and we swear, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Indulge in prints

While a plain fabric may require a lot of work to make it look heavier, a printed fabric saves you the extra cost of all that work you have to get done on it. We are talking about a fabric like brocade that not just looks royal but the self print gives it a heavy and festive look even without too much work.  

3. Add elements for all that drama!

Think tassels, pom-poms and even gota hangings. Latkans are the easiest way to make your lehenga look heavier and prettier. Plus, quirky and offbeat latkans attract a lot of attention and will give your outfit that much-desired designer touch. You can add tassels to your blouse tie up, on the side of your lehenga and even your dupatta.

4. Border basics

4 save on your bridal lehenga

The size and type of work on the lehenga borders take up most of the final cost. And reducing the height of your border by just an inch or so can save you anything between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. So, if you really like a particular lehenga and it’s overshooting your budget just a little bit, try reducing the size of the borders either on the dupatta or the lehenga. While it won’t make a huge difference in your overall look, it definitely will help you cut cost.

5. Go in for separates

Brides these days are going all out and experimenting with their wedding day look. So why not go in for separates that may cost less than a complete outfit. A lot of stores sell dupatta and blouse sets which can be teamed with a contrasting heavy lehenga skirt. Besides the money, separates will be a refreshing new spin to your bridal look!

6. Book early!

When it comes to your wedding vendors, booking them early is extremely important. Place your order close to the wedding date and your lehenga vendor may charge you extra for delivering the outfit in a short timeline. Also, with lesser days to go, you won’t be left with much of a choice but to give in. Plus, once the wedding season begins full swing, vendor rates, in general, go up.

7. Do it yourself!

7 save on your bridal lehenga

If you’re getting a lehenga customized, how about sourcing the borders yourself? There’s a huge margin on lehenga borders and buying them yourself guarantees some cost saving. Hit the popular shaadi markets in your city and for the Delhi bride, Kinari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk will spoil you for choice! While the popular stores may not allow you to do this, smaller brands and boutiques are usually okay with it.

8. Smaller stores are equally good

We are all for the big brands and plush designer stores but if you’re looking for a not-so-expensive lehenga, there is no harm in paying a visit to the local markets and smaller boutiques. No kidding, but you may actually end up finding your dream lehenga here. So don’t underestimate because you never know what you find where!

9. Look out for the sales!

As a bride-to-be, you’ve got to be aware of all the sales, exhibitions and discounts going on in your city. It may sound unbelievable, but one of our real brides actually bought her wedding lehenga for Rs 20,000 on sale. And it was absolutely fabulous!

10. Keep it light

10 save on your bridal lehenga

Not just to save on the cost but also because it’s very much the trend these days! We do know that it’s your special day but do remember that it may also be the one and only time you wear this lehenga. If not the entire outfit, how about keeping the work on your blouse to a minimal? The blouse usually gets covered by the dupatta and the work does not really show.

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