10 Tips To Pick A Mangalsutra You’ll Actually Want To Wear!

10 Tips To Pick A Mangalsutra You’ll Actually Want To Wear!

The mangalsutra is an unmissable part of the Indian wedding ceremony and is the most important jewel in every married girl’s bauble box. But since a lot of girls shy away from wearing it regularly, here are 10 tips for buying a mangalsutra that’s wearable, simple yet glamorous.

1. Budget

1 buying a mangalsutra This is the first and the most important step. Decide your budget before you go out to buy your mangalsutra. It’s quite normal to get swayed away at the shop and exceed your budget when you see designs, different metals, shapes and stones. Have a rough idea of what kind you want and the budget for it before you visit the jeweller.

2. Select the length

Choosing the right length makes a big difference. If you want to wear your mangalsutra regularly, it makes sense to keep it short and dainty. You can opt for a simple pendant design in a V-shape. It’s comfortable and charming at the same time!

3. Size of the pendant

3 buying a mangalsutra Choose the size of the pendant carefully, depending upon your usage. To be able to wear it every day, it’s best to opt for a smaller, easier design as maintaining it won’t be tedious. If you’re going to wear it only occasionally, you can go for a design that’ll stand out!

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4. Number of strings

Have a rough idea of how thick you want your mangalsutra strings to be. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that it’s sturdy. The more the number of strings, the more they will weigh. Figure out what suits your neckline the most and buy one accordingly.

5. Gold or diamonds

5 buying a mangalsutra Yes! This is a big question that needs to be answered. You can get the same style made in gold or in diamonds, according to your preference. If you like lightweight jewellery, you can get a design customised in gold, but if you’d like your mangalsutra to have some bling, then just add some sparkling diamonds to it. Both are wearable and will look great on a regular basis.

6. More of black or more of gold

Whether you want your mangalsutra to be of just the black beads or gold or a mix of both. We suggest you keep a balance of both or opt for more of black beads because it’s easier to pair it with most outfits. Even western wear, yes!

7. Make It detachable

7 buying a mangalsutra This is a great way to use your mangalsutra like any other pendant. You can get detachable strings and use the pendant with other strings and chains.

8. Decide the shape

Round, heart-shape, V-shape or something totally offbeat. Decide the shape of your mangalsutra depending upon your usage. If you’re going to wear it on a daily basis, go for something that is functional, not too large, and of course, super pretty!

9. Make a set!

9 buying a mangalsutra Your mangalsutra, despite being a signifier of your marriage is after all, a piece of jewellery. So why not get matching earrings made with it and wear it as a set instead?

10. Check for the hallmark

This is another crucial point which should be remembered. Do not buy jewellery that’s not hallmarked. Even if it’s a known jeweller, buying hallmarked jewellery means more return on investment, if at all you plan to get it re-made, change the design or anything like that! Images: Shutterstock