12 Amazing Tips Every Newly Engaged Girl Will Find SO Helpful!

12 Amazing Tips Every Newly Engaged Girl Will Find SO Helpful!
Congratulations! You just got engaged and the ring sits beautifully on your ring finger. We’re sure you woke up the next day with a big smile on your face, didn’t you? It’s a beautiful phase, ladies, and we want it to be perfect for you. Here are a few things every newly engaged girl must keep in mind while starting a new phase of her life.

1. Digest and celebrate the event

Bask in the moment. Bounce, twirl, jump, dance, grin, cry and do everything that makes you feel awesome - this is your moment!

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2. Don’t post on social media too soon

Make sure you inform all your close relatives and friends about your engagement before you post anything regarding this on social media. Once you have done this, only then make an announcement on any social media platform. You don’t want people hurt and offended because they got the news from Facebook and not from you, right?

3. Manicure is a must

The first thing everyone’s going to want to see is that ring! While some will want to see it in person, others would want a photograph of it. So ladies, get a good manicure done to happily flash your ring on your beautiful hands.

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4. Get your ring insured

It’s a special piece of jewellery so get your ring insured right after the engagement. You need to protect this investment, don’t you?

5. Be prepared for the questions

What? How? When? Be prepared for the various questions that will now come your way - you will have to share every little detail! Oh, and that proposal story will definitely be one you will tell again and again.

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6. Get planning already

Whether you both want to get married within a few months from your engagement or wait a tad bit longer, make sure you are planning ASAP. Pick a date and start booking already. Don’t wait to get it done last minute, bride-to-be. The earlier you start, the more stress-free you’ll be as far as wedding prep goes.

7. Spend time with his family

If it is a love marriage, you probably already know his family. If it is an arranged marriage, you still have to spend time with them and get to know his world. Start spending time with his family to understand them better. They are your family too now!

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8. Don’t let anything take over your relationship

Now that you both are set to get married, there will suddenly be a lot happening around the two of you. Be patient and make sure you both take out time for each other. Keep the romance alive in your relationship, build it up and don’t let wedding planning stress get the better of you both.

9. Start saving

Be it for that designer lehenga you’ve dreamt of or that super fancy honeymoon you both are planning, this is the time to start saving up. Also ladies, there will be many unforeseen expenses and saving up now will help you through those.

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10. Begin your research

Make a scrapbook and start collecting various ideas and trends you would want to incorporate into your wedding. It could even be a folder of images on your phone or your own board on Pinterest on which you can start pinning ideas. This will help you understand and visualize better how exactly you want the wedding to be.

11. Hit the gym

The wedding is fast approaching and so, it is time you start getting fit and healthy. Take that gym membership you’ve been avoiding and take out some time on a daily basis to exercise. You won’t only get fit, but your skin and hair will be rejuvenated as well!

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12. Enjoy it while it lasts

You will have plenty of time to plan your wedding. Use these moments to enjoy all the pampering and attention. Enjoy this new phase of your life and the journey from being a fiancée to a wife. This time ain’t coming back, ladies.

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