#HeSays: 15 Crazy thoughts *Every* Guy Has Had During Sex!

#HeSays: 15 Crazy thoughts *Every* Guy Has Had During Sex!
Before having sex, we thought it would be simple. Things would just flow naturally, they would take their own course and it'll be smooth sailing every time. After having sex, though… We've realized that sex can be pretty darn confusing. You'll totally get what we mean when you go through these weird and sometimes crazy thoughts guys have during sex!

1. Do I smell? How long has it been since I showered?

2. OMG, BOOBS! Best view in the world, man!

3. Am I doing this right? Wow, this SO does not feel right. Or does it? How does one tell? I need to stop over-thinking.

4. Is that a pain ‘aah’ or a do-more-of-this ‘aah’? I can't tell them apart!

5. Okay, so I'm going to be really hungry after this. Is there still pizza in the fridge? I hope there's a slice of pepperoni left...

5 thoughts guys have during sex

6. Oh, shit, cramp, but can't stop, but CRAMP. FML.

7. I really, really, really, really want to try that thing… Is now the right time?!

8. Ugh, we're suddenly totally out of sync and hitting things that shouldn't be hit. How. To. Fix. This?!

9. We're BACK, we're so back we could be in a really awesome movie right now. Hmm, movie…

10. Should I say something dirty? But what if she's not into it? And then what if it gets really awkward?

10 thought guys have during sex

11. Uh, did she just cringe because I pulled her hair by mistake? And I don't mean in the sexy way? Oops!

12. Would it be really weird if I quickly check on the condom once? It should be okay, right?

13. Is that her almost-there face? I hope it is because I'm definitely close. Wait, do I have an almost-there face too? What does it look like?

14. Whoa, she's...shaking a lot. Is she okay? Is she having a seizure? OHHH! She's very okay.

15. Wow, sex is, by FAR, the best thing in the world. No exaggeration.

15 thoughts guys have during sex

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