15 Confusing Thoughts EVERY Girl Has In A Short Courtship Period

15 Confusing Thoughts EVERY Girl Has In A Short Courtship Period
A few months back, he was just a name that your parents gushed over and wanted you to meet. But life has pretty much changed for you since then. If your fiancé has been courting you for a few months now and you’re going to marry him soon, here’s a list of thoughts that’d be crossing your mind often. It’s totally normal in a short courtship period, ladies.

1. I am going to spend my ENTIRE life with him. Every. Single. Day. *Gulp*

1 short courtship period

2. That means roughly 40 long years. That means more time than I’ve spent with my own parents. Wow.

3. But he’s sweet and genuinely cares about me… It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Even mom married dad like that, and they’re both just fine!

4. Although, I wish we had more time to get to know each other before the wedding. I’d like to be his fiancé for a little while longer…

4 short courtship period

5. Oooh… Fiancé! I like the sound of it.

6. He’s definitely better than the frogs I’ve kissed before. Maybe he is my prince charming *Dreams of him riding towards her on a horse…*

7. Can’t we just extend our courtship period? Everything is so comfortable and romantic here.

7 short courtship period

8. Will he change after we get married? Bhabhi said men are like that! Will all romance just fly away from my life? But, it only just came into my life!

9. Will he love me when I am not so lovable, pretty or useful? Will I love him at his weakest?

10. There was that one time, though, when he got super mad at me over a little thing. What if he acts more like that after shaadi? *Overthinks the whole episode*

10 short courtship period

11. …But he was quite friendly with my friends and they seemed to like him, so he passed that test with flying colours. Phew!

12. Last night when we sneaked out of home and he held my hand… I would like more of that, please.

13. *Dreams of her honeymoon, on white sandy beaches, under clear, blue skies and in those gorgeous bikini sets she just bought.*

13 short courtship period

14. We do look good together. I think we’ll be fine.

15. But, there is still so much that I don’t know about him and only two weeks to the wedding!! OMG! *Starts freaking out and calls her fiancé*

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