11 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her First Kiss!

11 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her First Kiss!
In the words of Mistinguett, ‘A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every woman ought to know.’ But before coming to what the first kiss really means, we wonder about the multitude of questions, concerns and confusing thoughts that race through a girl’s mind before her very first kiss... After all, isn't it every girl’s dream to make the first kiss super magical and just perfect, like a fairytale? Here are some hilarious thoughts that cross every girl’s mind as she gears up for her first kiss…

1. How wide I should open my mouth? Is it going to be a simple lip to lip French kiss or a full fledged make out session with our tongues playing tonsil hockey?

2. What if he has tons of experience and I, like an amateur with no idea on how to kiss, mess it all up?

2 first kiss

3. What if our noses collide with each other? That can happen, right?

4. Do I lick his tongue or massage it or, um, explore the insides of his mouth? Why isn't there a damn manual for this?!

4 first kiss

5. Wait, but what if he has really foul breath and I can’t help but pull myself away? Now that would be a bit offensive…won’t it? OMG, what if I have bad breath?!

6. At the risk of sounding too technical, I wonder what happens to the teeth while our tongues sexily probe each other?

6 first kiss

7. And who will tell us that it’s time to mutually pull back and end the kiss? How long is the first kiss suppose to last anyway?

8. What if, mid-kiss, I sneak a peek? Would that be too weird? Just to see if his eyes are open? Because in all the romance novels, people always shut their eyes!

8 first kiss

9. So when our lips are interlocked, we would naturally be breathing through our noses, right? And so closely into each others’ face... Is that why they call a kiss steamy?

10. Would my first kiss actually be as magical and oh-so sensual like they show in movies and does the foot actually pop up by itself? Like Mia in Princess Diaries...

10 first kiss

11. Should I tilt my head to the left or to the right? What if I decide right and he too tilts his head to the right? Oh, somebody please help me!

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