19 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching A *Dirty* Movie!

19 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching A *Dirty* Movie!
What do you do when watching some ‘X-rated’ content? Well, one thing women always do in such situations is think! We have all sorts of crazy, wild, and sometimes a little naughty thoughts! Here are 19 of those thoughts that every girl has when watching a dirty movie!

1. ‘Okay, let’s do this! Don’t chicken out!’

2. 'I should definitely lock the room first.’

2 watching a dirty movie

3. ‘Wow, there are a lot of websites for this!’

4. ‘Woah! 3000+ videos of just THAT?’

4 watching a dirty movie

5. ‘Do people really need these many categories?’

6. ‘BBW, PAWG, COF...what are these things?’

6 watching a dirty movie

7. ‘Starting off with a nice story...I like this one!’

8. ‘Ew, no! Stop, stop, stop! Is that even supposed to go THERE?!’

8 watching a dirty movie

9. ‘Are those real boobs or fake?’

10. ‘I wonder how much porn stars get paid…’

10 watching a dirty movie

11. ‘Oh, c’mon, he was your pizza guy! At least eat the pizza first!’

12. ‘Yeah, great time to start buffering!’

12 watching a dirty movie

13. ‘I wonder if that position is as easy as they make it look...’

14. ‘Maybe I should try this with the boyfriend next time!’

14 watching a dirty movie

15. ‘Oooh, well, that’s getting me hot!’

16. ‘Should I try touching myself? Um, maybe next time! Or maybe...’

16 watching a dirty movie

17. ‘I wish he was here. Things would have definitely turned hot and heavy by now!’

18. ‘I wonder if he secretly wants to try that but is just shy to ask...’

18 watching a dirty movie

19. ‘Okay, woah, scratch that. There is NO way we are doing this!’

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