11 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears A Padded Bra!

11 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears A Padded Bra!
Padded bras are exciting and very pretty to wear. They not only offer firm support to your boobs, but make them look fantastic as well! We bet every girl must have had these 11 thoughts the first time she wore a padded bra… Because we sure did!

1. Woah! Will you look at that cleavage?!

*Proceeds to click a selfie to remember this day*

1 padded bra

2. These soft pads act like pillows for my boobs.

Sleep tight, my precious!

3. Wait, did this bra just make my boobs look double their size?!

Woah! It’s like it has superpowers.

3 padded bra

4. Why is everyone staring at my chest suddenly?

Like, what, bro? My face is up here, you know?

5. OMG, it's choking me!

I feel as if I have two sets of boobs now!

5 padded bra

6. What?! There’s a wire in this thing too?

Oh sh*t! It just poked me.

7. My boobs feel so much closer to my face than before!

Well, they’re all high up and jiggly and stuff now…

7 padded bra

8. Wow! This padded bra looks so pretty and colourful, I don’t feel like taking it off!

And I wouldn't, if it still wasn't choking me...

9. Why do these straps keep coming off?

Did I not adjust them properly? I hope it doesn’t fall off!

9 padded bra

10. It feels like someone is holding them ALL the time!

Gosh, padded bras can put my boyfriend to shame. *Blush*

11. Taking them off feels like I just removed an armour.

Feels like freedom down there. BEST. FEELING. EVER!

11 padded bra

GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy