13 *Sweet* Things Your Guy Is Dying To Hear From You!

13 *Sweet* Things Your Guy Is Dying To Hear From You!
Men might seem really rough and tough on the outside, but deep inside they are extremely sensitive, emotional and crave for attention and love just like the rest of us. Just like how we love it when our boyfriends and husbands compliment and praise us, they too really like being complimented and appreciated. Here are a few of those things your man is dying to hear from you...

1. ‘How was your day?’

After a long day at work, he looks forward to sharing how his day was with you. A simple ‘how was your day’ would surely make him feel better.
1 dying to hear from you

2. ‘I am proud of you’

This is one of the most romantic yet uplifting things you could say to your guy. Hearing that the woman who matters the most to him is proud of him surely makes him feel loved. Never wait for a milestone to say this to him, appreciate him for all his little efforts.

3. ‘I need you’

Men also want to feel wanted and needed by their partners. Let him know how much you need him and how you cannot imagine a life without him in it.

3 dying to hear from you

4. ‘You make me so happy’

Never miss an opportunity to tell him how happy he makes you feel or how happy you’ve been ever since you met him. These simple words are very meaningful to him.

5. ‘I feel safe with you’

Tell him how safe you feel around him. Let him know that just his presence is enough to make you feel protected - any guy would be thrilled to hear that.

5 dying to hear from you

6. ‘My parents love you so much’

If you tell him that your parents are also fond of him and love him, it would not only make him happy, but would also reassure him that you don't plan on going away. The fact that they approve of him would instantly rid him of a few of his insecurities.

7. ‘You look handsome’

Everyone enjoys some healthy ego-stroking. Complimenting your man and telling him how good he is looking would keep him smiling and would make him feel confident about himself throughout the day.

7 dying to hear from you

8. ‘Thank you’

Small gestures and actions often go unnoticed and as time passes by in a relationship, one tends to forget to thank their partner for the small things in life. Appreciate him and thank him for the little things as well as the big things he does for you.

9. ‘I trust you’

Trust is the core of a relationship. If your man has made you feel comfortable in your relationship and provided you with emotional and physical security, let him know the same. Let him know that you trust him completely and would always believe him over anyone else.

9 dying to hear from you

10. ‘I am there to listen’

Men have a different way of expressing themselves and communicating their feelings. Initially they might not openly express them, so letting him know that you are there for him whenever he wants to talk would make him feel like it's safe to open up,

11. ‘I want you so bad right now’

Men like to be needed emotionally but what they love even more is to be wanted physically. Letting your man know that you're craving his touch will make his night!

11 dying to hear from you

12. ‘Can you help me with...?’

Whether it is opening a jar or changing the bulb or learning something technical about your car, asking him for help makes him feel useful. He knows you could do it too, but he likes to help you when he can.

13. ‘I love you’

Just like us, they too love hearing these three beautiful words! So go on and say them to him once more!

13 dying to hear from you

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