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11 Things EVERY Girl Has Done With Her Younger Brother!

11 Things EVERY Girl Has Done With Her Younger Brother!
He has pulled your pigtails, stolen your chocolates and teased you till you cried. He has played every possible prank on you and has then made a puppy face in front of your parents to escape punishment (and that worked, by the way). He has played ‘hi-five, down below, too slow’ with you and literally given you no time to do the down below part! You got it, right? We are talking about your younger brother! And as much as we all agree that he can be a PITA (Pain in the a**) sometimes, we also know that some of our best memories are with him. So here are a few things every girl has done with her younger brother!

1. Dressed him up in your pretty pretty clothes (Well, as a kid, of course)

Yep! Given him a facial with powder and cream and then dressed him up your mom’s pretty dupattas. #GulityAsCharged 1 younger brother

2. Gone all ‘gangsta’ on him and tricked/ blackmailed him (in a cute and innocent way) into doing stuff for you.

You can’t even count how many times you have said ‘Get me a glass of water else I will not give you the remote!’ or ‘Fetch me my phone from the room or I will tell mom you had ice-cream before lunch today’. #BeenThereDoneThat

3. Snuck a beer into the house!

Umm… Yes! Both of you felt like totally badass Russian Spies too! 3 younger brother

4. Snuck out at night with your friends, and asked him to put a bolster in your bed.

And he has done so without whining too much about it because he plans to throw the ‘you owe me one’ card at you when his time comes!

5. Clicked all kinds of goofy, weird, awkward and stitch-in-the-stomach funny selfies with him.

They are private and confidential. Also, they have been held for ransom when the need arose. 5 younger brother

6. Pulled off the grossest, trickiest pranks in the book, with perfect finesse!

On your parents, your cousins and on that aunty ji you both don’t like.

7. Worn his fave tee...because it looked so much cooler than all of your own!

And slyly slipped out of the house while he rummaged through his shelf, wondering where the hell did his T-shirt disappear. 7 younger brother

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8. Watched a horror movie together and slept with the lights on.

Do NOT deny this. He may act all macho and you may act all ‘Aah! I'm too old to believe in all this!’ but you both have done this together! And you kinda still do.

9. Stayed up the whole night to give him legen…wait for it...dary relationship advice, especially when he started off with his first relationship.

And that’s when you knew he had grown up... 9 younger brother

10. Stolen cake/ ice-cream/ pizza from the fridge with him and gobbled it all up in the middle of the night!

Because food tastes SO much better that way.

11. Given him a tight, squeezy, I-want-to-kill-you-because-I-love-you hug!

Go ahead… Give him one, now! 11 younger brother GIFs: Tumblr