10 Things EVERY Girl Does… But Wishes She Didn’t Have To!

10 Things EVERY Girl Does… But Wishes She Didn’t Have To!
Being a woman is not easy, we say this because it's true. From wearing lehengas during peak winters (because we want to look glamorous - no matter what), to putting up with our dreaded period every month, we do it all! While there are some things we do voluntarily, there are quite a few others that we wish we didn't have to do. Here is a list of things that every woman wishes she didn’t have to worry about but unfortunately has to - because life - life is unfair. Don’t fret ladies, we have the solution for each of these daily problems because we are always happy to help :)

1. Lose those extra pounds!

Honestly, the women we see in magazines and TV shows are not a very realistic representation of healthy women. So we say - eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and live your life to the fullest! If you are healthy, trust us, you will look good! So grab a spoon and ignore the haters. People telling you to lay off food is the kind of negativity you don’t need in your life. Okay? Okay!

things we wish we did not have to do

2.  Wear a bra all day long!

They may be super pretty, but our bras are a pain to wear all day long and unfortunately, we live in a world where society aunties will totally call us out for not wearing one. But we still love being sneaky - ever wondered why we love our hoodies or our supersized tees so much? ;)

3. Painful waxing sessions

Girls, JUST shave! One swipe and voila - instantly smooth skin! Skin experts recommend it and so do we! When you can get smooth skin in just a stroke, why go through the unnecessary torture and messiness of getting waxed.

things we wish we did not have to do

4. Deal with the whole period mania

For mood swings and period pain, we have just one word for you - CHOCOLATES! It helps calm you down and makes you super happy. The endorphins released help fight pain and de-stresses. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

5. Obsess over the state of our eyebrows!

First of all, no one is judging you based on your eyebrows and if they are it’s completely ridiculous! Women are absolutely fabulous no matter how their eyebrows are faring. And when the parlour wali didi messes it up - take an eyebrow pencil or some dark eyeshadow and simply fill them in.

things we wish we did not have to do

6. Having to decide what to wear every morning!

This is a daily battle we all fight. But the key to ending your wardrobe woes is organisation. Keep your cupboard super clean and make sure all your clothes are accessible. If you have a messy closet, arrange it a little and you will find clothes that you had forgotten existed. It also helps to plan your outfit the night before. Trust us, been there, done that!

7. Worry about shoes that want to kill us one step at a time!  

Those 5-inch heels that make us look so fabulous? They also give us the worst shoe bites EVER!!! We wish these gorgeous shoes weren’t soooo incredibly painful to wear. But such is life! It’s true what they say ‘You don’t know how strong you are until you have danced all night in heels!’

things we wish we did not have to do (3)

8. Getting over a boy!

Well, it takes time for everyone to get over the person they were seriously in love with, but you know what you can hold on to? The thought that there is someone better out there for you. There was a reason the two of you didn’t work out - so be thankful that it has opened you up to better opportunities. Hold on to that thought, sister!

9. Listen to aunties talk about marriage

DON’T listen to them. Just tune them out! Marriage is something that should happen when two people are ready and in love. Not because our ‘biological clock is ticking’ or because we are incapable of handling our own lives!

things we wish we did not have to do (2)

10. Worry about log kya kahenge

As women, we often have to conform to the expectations of society, because log kya kahenge? From our parents to distant family members, everybody seems to have an opinion about our lives. Honestly, we wish we lived in a world where we could actually live our lives by our own rules. *Sigh*

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