Shaadi Ke Baad: 11 Cute Things To Do Together In The First Year

Shaadi Ke Baad: 11 Cute Things To Do Together In The First Year
We all know that the first year of marriage is incredibly special! You and your partner are so in love, you’re really getting to know each other, creating a home together and most of all creating a life together. To make this special year, a year to remember, it makes perfect sense to create a bucket list of things you both should do together and follow it through! Ladies, here are some awesome things you can do together in the first year of marriage and make it a year to remember.

1. Keep Things Fun And Spontaneous!

Dance around the living room to your wedding song, surprise each other with sweet notes, make his favourite dessert, kiss him when he least expects it and go for impromptu nights out. You get the drift, right? Besides, keeping things exciting won't let you two get overwhelmed by how your lives are changing right after marriage.

2. Weekend Getaways

For a change, don’t play by the rules and embark on an impromptu weekend getaway with your sweetheart! The first year is the perfect time to get to know each other as spouses and what better way to explore each other than while exploring a new place together.

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3. Sort Out Your Wedding Gifts

Instead of allowing the tonnes of wedding gifts to clutter your home, sit down together on lazy Sunday afternoons to sort out all the presents to put them to good use. Maybe you could categorise them into home decor, crockery and things that you don’t need, which can be gifted to someone else. While you’re at it, prepare personalised thank you notes too.

4. Say Yes To A Monthly/ Weekly Date Night

To keep things as exciting as they were during your dating or courtship days, make it a point to go for a monthly or weekly date night. By date night we mean the whole package - make an effort to dress up for him, book a table, order some wine and have a fancy night out that ends with a kiss outside your doorstep (and much more once you've both stepped indoors). *Wink*

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5. It’s Party Time

There is so much that you don’t know about your partner, like his circle of friends, how he likes to party and the like. This is a great opportunity to host a party as a married couple, invite both your friend circles and have a lovely time as you all mingle and get to know each other.

6. Get Your Financial Game Right!

The first year is the best time to clearly lay down and openly discuss your financial plans, budgets and investment options for the future. That way, when you both are on the same page regarding your finances, it’s bound to save you both from misunderstandings and money-related tiffs in the future.

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7. Celebrate The Milestones

The first year is full of firsts as husband and wife - birthdays, festivals and so many other events. Cherish these milestones through celebrations, buying small presents for each other, and creating memories of all your firsts. Make it super special, we say.

8. Build A Home Together

Invest in soft comfy couches for both of you to cuddle on, put up some fairy lights and decorate the walls with photographs of you and your sweetheart. You could also buy some cute Sunday breakfast crockery, funky shot glasses and beer mugs and other things that you both like. The first year is the right time to build a place that you both call home.

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9. Kiss Often

Now you don’t need a reason to kiss often but we will still provide you one - you just got married and this is the time to let the inhibitions go and kiss him whenever and wherever you want. While you both need to get to know each other better, remember so do your tongues! *Wink*

10. Have Sex… Lots Of It!

During the first year, I bet you and your partner can’t keep your hands off of each other. What better time to have crazy monkey sex, than now? From the kitchen slab to the rug, use this time to indulge, experiment and act on those raging hormones!

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11. Say Cheese

In your first year of marriage, a man and his wife embark upon the journey to explore each other, with a zillion exciting first-time experiences awaiting you both! Wouldn't it be a brilliant idea to capture all those amazing real life moments on the reel and create memories that will stay with you both for a lifetime! This album’s going to be one treasured possession, ladies.

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