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10 Reasons Living With Your In-Laws Is Pretty... Awesome!

10 Reasons Living With Your In-Laws Is Pretty... Awesome!
Getting married and tired of hearing all those horror stories about living with in laws? Yeah, we get it! A lot of times our married friends and relatives do scare us about the big shift. But guess what girls? It’s not that bad. In fact, it’s pretty awesome in a lot of ways. Yup, there will be challenges but then again, living as a nuclear family does have it’s fair share of hardships too. So stop thinking about what others have to say and start your new life on a positive note. Here are 10 sweet things no one tells you about living with the in-laws.

1. The love and the warmth

There is no denying the fact that while you may enjoy your privacy living alone, but, the kind of love and warmth you get living with the family is unparalleled. Wouldn’t you choose a family over just the two of you? Yes, there may be an occasional clash of opinions, but won’t life otherwise be too dull?! living with in laws

2. Moving in is so much easier!

You don’t have to set up a new place all by yourself! Imagine setting up a home in between all the wedding planning or just after the wedding! Moving in with in-laws means you already have a house in place with a beautifully done up room for the two of you. Now that sure makes life a lot easier!

3. Keeping that spark alive

You have absolutely no idea how living with in-laws keeps the spark of your relationship alive. You know, the thrill of making out while your parents are right outside your room. Or playing footsie under the table. And then the countdown to that weekend getaway where you can finally moan and groan as loud as you like! It just keeps the spark alive! living with in laws

4. What about the housework?

There is no denying that juggling between office and house work is a huge task even with all those house helps and a husband who is equally helpful. Imagine having to wake up an hour earlier to let the cook in, decide on what to make every single day and then getting late for meetings while the maid does her job. Too much to take in, right? With in-laws, at least you’ll have two more people to help you run the house.

5. Food is all that matters!

Guess what?! You’ll never ever miss maa ke haath ka khaana…because mom-in-law will be there to cook something special every now and then! Now that's a super perk of having your in-laws staying with you! Those sudden cravings are sure taken care of. living with in laws

6. Yayyy… Weekend’s here!

If you think getting married will give you all the time to cuddle with your hubby during weekends, you’re mistaken. Most married couples end up juggling between visits to both their parents. But staying with them just frees you off all the obligation… At least from one set of parents.

7. Festive fun!

While you do visit your family every big festival of the year, living with them ensures that even the not-so-special ones are a celebration of sorts! And trust us, no one likes being alone on such days. living with in laws

8. Let’s keep the fight for later

Because you cannot be fighting in front of momma and dada! Believe it or not, staying in a joint family means lesser fights. And even if you do have arguments, they are always in hushed tones! Haha, isn’t that awesome?!

9. So much to learn

Be it handling your finances better or a home remedy for that annoying cold, living with elders will teach you a thing or two about life and it’s challenges. And if anything ever goes wrong, you know they’re right there to help and support you through it all.
living with in laws

10. More people = more fun!

That’s common knowledge, right? While you two can always get your ‘private’ time on vacations or when the in-laws are out of town, on an everyday basis it’s good to have some more company! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr