8 Sweet Things No One Tells You About Living With In Laws

8 Sweet Things No One Tells You About Living With In Laws
Living with in-laws is not always like what you see in the movies or hear the aunties gossip about. Besides an occasional clash of thoughts, living with in-laws is actually quite nice in many small ways. So, don’t go by the office gossipers who are always like, “Meri saas toh na… and look at the brighter side of living with a large, loving family after the wedding. Here are 8 sweet things no one tells you about living with in laws.

1. No more bai troubles

Ask any newly married girl about her biggest challenge and it’s always the kaamwali bai! They are life saviours and often extremely difficult. And trust me, mother-in-laws are great at handling them!

living with inlaws

2. Weekends = fun days!

Many of my married friends who live alone with their spouse spend most of their long weekends or extended holidays visiting the parents. Not when you’re already living with them! You can take long, relaxing holidays to far off locations without feeling guilty!

3. Ladai jhagda...no, no!

It’s funny but true. As a couple, you fight less when you have two elders watching over you. And shouting at each other is a rarity. You fight in whispers or hushed tones and that’s not even fun! It’s almost over in a minute!

4. Maa ke haath ka khana

Living with in-laws means you’ll never miss the ghar ka khana. While I still do miss my mother’s rajma chawal, for everything else, there’s saasu maa’s secret recipes!

living with inlaws

5. Do the balancing act

As a working couple it’s difficult to take care of both your home and office. Paying bills, grocery shopping, repair work...it all just gets too much when you’re loaded with office work too. And your in-laws understand that and always lend a helping hand.

6. Off to the maika

You can totally visit your mommy any time you want! You don’t have to worry about locking the house properly or your husband at home alone. You know your new mummy-papa are there to take care of everything. :)  

7. Family love <3

Living with your parents-in-laws keeps you grounded and connected with the other relatives of the family. Our busy lifestyle may not allow us to visit our cousins or uncles and aunts regularly, but the in-laws will make sure to hand over the phone to say hello to chachaji and remind us to wish everyone on birthdays and anniversaries!

living with inlaws

8. More the merrier!

Your house just feels more happier and energetic when you have more people in it! Birthdays, anniversaries and festivals are a lot more fun with parents around. You can always step out for a crazy time with friends when you feel like it!

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