13 Things That’ll Make Every Newly Engaged Girl Go... ‘So True’

13 Things That’ll Make Every Newly Engaged Girl Go... ‘So True’
If you thought you’d experience all the major life changes only after getting married, here’s a little reality check for you. It starts pretty much from the moment you’re engaged, girl! After all, with the ring come a lot of other little things. Check out these 13 very real things about being engaged that no one really tells you. For all the newly engaged girls, you’ll definitely relate to this!

1. You’re no longer just the girlfriend

Being introduced as the girlfriend and being introduced as the fiance… There’s a whole lotta difference between the two. You totally need to experience it, to understand what we’re saying!

1 being engaged

2. Feel like a grown up already?!

Yeah, totally. From being the little daughter, you’ve become the grown up woman who is ready to enter a new phase of life. And your parents and relatives start expecting you to behave more mature.

3. Ooh that rock!

Wherever you go, whoever you meet, it’s like every single person wants to have a look at your engagement ring. As well as question you about the shaadi dates and prep. And we swear, you’re gonna love the compliments coming your way! Regular manicures will do some good!

4. Here comes the advice

Because everyone would have something to say! Your besties about the sex, your aunts about being the bahu and your mom about handling everything well. And honestly, sometimes you really can do without it all!

4 being engaged

5. But there’s also romance in the air

We say, the time between your engagement and the wedding is the real honeymoon period! He’ll be trying to woo you and make you feel special almost every single day! And even if you’ve been dating each other for long…being engaged will give you those butterflies every single time you’re together. Awwww!

6. Uh-oh… The mom-in-law!

Yeah, she pretty much steps into the picture right after you’re engaged. Though it’s not bad but you have to make sure you’re making regular calls and try not missing hers! And those occasional coffee meet ups won’t hurt either.

7. Special treatment at home

You have no idea how much your mum and dad are going to shower you with love. They know their little girl will be going away really soon and pampering will be at an all time high! Enjoy every moment of it. Ooh and we bet that mom's going to cook all your favourite dishes!

7 being engaged

8. Oh my, the money!

Okay, so now you finally realize HOW MUCH MONEY will be spent on your shaadi. And right now it’s just the beginning! And even if it’s your dad who is paying, it does end up messing with your mind a bit. Basically, the ‘saving’ mode starts!

9. Congratulations girl!

Oooh, so many best wishes and heartiest congratulations come your way! It’s actually overwhelming. Even the friends you’ve not spoken to in a long time make an effort to send across wishes.

10. Official date nights are so much fun

You finally do not have to lie about being at an office party when you’re actually with him. It’s all official and out in the open! And even better, there are no more strict deadlines and calls to determine exactly how you’ll be coming back. Life’s so good!

10 being engaged

11. Those sleepless nights…

Because from the time you’re engaged, your mind is in 10 different places all at the same time. From being sad about leaving your parents to getting excited about all the lovely outfits you’ll get to wear. Dreaming about yourself as a bride and planning your ideal honeymoon… Uff, who’s gonna be able to sleep!

12. The family jing bang!

Your new family does not wait for the saat pheras to welcome you into their gang. From outings with all the new cousins to finding out the family secrets and obviously getting your bahu mode on in front of the elders… Be prepared for it all!

13. And the madness begins!

The shaadi planning madness! It begins right from the day you’re engaged and suddenly it feels like time is flying! There is always just so much to do!

13 being engaged

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