10 Things About Marriage Your Married Friends Won’t Tell You!

10 Things About Marriage Your Married Friends Won’t Tell You!
The truth about marriage is that while much of it is amazing, you will get your fair share of rough patches too. And guess who is not telling you that – your married friends! By now, if you are surrounded by a bunch of married girl friends – don’t go by only what you see. We spill the beans and tell you what your friends are not telling you about marriage.

1. Marriage is so, so overrated

We bet every married friend of yours is thinking this. So don’t fall for all that drama that some of your friends and relatives create - shaadi karlo aur settle ho jao, it’s about time, and the likes. Trust us ladies, you’re just wasting time worrying about being single. It’s a fabulous phase, so live it to the fullest! Your married girl friends want to shout this out from the rooftop, ladies

2. Social media can play spoilsport in a marriage

All that PDA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is doing more harm to marriages every day rather than strengthening that bond. Professing your love on social media and announcing it to the world is more often than not a confession for the world to see, not so much for your own partner.

2 not telling you about marriage

3. Adjustment and sacrifice are concepts very common and important in a marriage

It won’t always be about your new life or your ‘me time’ – in a marriage, since two lives (or more if you stay with in-laws) are involved - you will have to adjust and sacrifice A LOT! Your married bestie didn’t tell you that, did she?

4. You won’t know him unless you marry him

No matter how long you have dated or been engaged, the real deal shows up only after marriage. Good or bad, this is him, now until forever.

4 not telling you about marriage

5. It’s a rollercoaster ride

No two days will be the same. No monotony at all – some days will be good, some great and some so terrible that they can give you headaches for days.

6. Married couples don’t make love every day

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is the truth. The fact that the couple knows they’re always around each other, love making is skipped quite often. Sometimes because they’ve had a long day, sometimes because they had a fight only the previous day and sometimes because they can do it the next day or the day after that.

6 not telling you about marriage

7. People will have questions anyway

You think single girls are the only ones who get trolled by aunties? Married girls are also getting the shorter end of the stick. From ‘Why aren’t you starting a family?’ to ‘Do you live with your in-laws?”- the questions never end.

8. Married couples envy single peeps

No matter how happy they look. Married people are so envious of the freedom that comes with being single that they often wonder why they ever said ‘I do’.

8 not telling you about marriage

9. They miss their girl gang A LOT

They terribly miss those days when all of their girl friends were single and had so much fun without having to worry about Mr Husband back home and the in-laws or children?

10. Life’s good, overall

Despite all the negatives – they will all agree that marrying each other is one of the most beautiful things that happened to them. Even with all its ups and downs, it’s a beautiful life, at the end of the day.

10 not telling you about marriage

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