11 Things We Want *Bae* To Do With Us When We’re On Our Period

11 Things We Want *Bae* To Do With Us When We’re On Our Period
Girls, wouldn’t you agree that period cramps are total bummers?! They not only mess with our emotions, but also put us in a blah mood ALL day during those days. However, we do know someone who can make you smile and blush at such a time. That’s bae, of course! Here are 11  things guys should do when girls are on their period! (Don’t forget to tag him after reading this!)

1. Watch a romantic movie with us!

If not romantic...thriller, comedy, drama, ANYTHING! We’re fine with the genre as long as we have you by our side.

1 girls are on their period

2. Cuddle and get naughty in between the sheets.

Some heavy petting during these five days would really hit the sweet spot, baby.

3. Warm bear hugs are the BEST feeling in the whole wide world!

If given a chance, we’d love to stay in your arms forever!

3 girls are on their period

4. Make us a nice cup of hot chocolate and yummy breakfast in bed.

We promise to reward you with tonnes of hugs and sloppy kisses after. *Wink*

5. A nice long romantic walk in the park, holding hands and talking about life and everything that revolves around it - sounds super dreamy!

We have a confession to make - your company does mean the world to us!

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6. Hot oil massages are always welcome. Thanks in advance!

There’s something about your touch that makes us go weak in the knees.

7. Just so you know, we’re down for Netflix and chill too.

Now that’s what you call a lazy and awesome weekend.

7 girls are on their period

8. A spontaneous drive would catch us off guard, but it’s a surprise we’d cherish!

And an adventure we’d love to go on, with you.

9. Read a poem, a story or a cute letter to us!

The sound of your voice instantly makes our heart melt.

9 girls are on their period

10. Go shopping with us and probably help us while we’re at it too.

Because you know, when we shop, the world becomes a better place!

11. Take a nice, warm shower with us.

What better way to relax when your favourite person is right next to you in the shower too, eh?

11 girls are on their period

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