#HeSays: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Guys Notice During Sex!

#HeSays: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Guys Notice During Sex!
Oh, so you thought we were too lost in things to notice anything during sex? Well, let us take this chance to tell you that you're mostly right. We do get a bit carried away and all, but there are still some little (and some not so little) things about you that we make note of... So here you go - some interesting things guys notice during sex!

1. How you smell

Is it your perfume? Is it your shampoo? We just never know how you're smelling so exquisite all the time, but we keep guessing - in our heads, of course.

2. Your gorgeous boobs

Because, well, boobs. And when are we going to have a better view of them than during sex with you?

2 things guys notice during sex

3. How your body reacts to our touch

What makes you writhe, what makes you shiver, we're noting all of it down. And doing it again to make you writhe and shiver some more.

4. Your expressions when you're close...

How your eyes roll up and your mouth opens up… Wow, if only we could see you like this all the time!

5. How your body fits with ours

Your body is so interesting - with all those curves and hollows. We love to see how they all fit against our bodies.

5 things guys notice during sex

6. The texture of your skin against ours

Friction between the sheets is kind of hot. And yes, we do notice how your skin feels next to ours as we, well, move together.

7. How squeezable your butt is

Oh, come on! That cute butt of yours is all ours to squeeze (and maybe even spank!) for a while - we're going to make the most of the opportunity!

8. The way you moan when we do something right

The sexy sounds you make… Yeah, we hear each and every one of them, even the ones you think we didn't hear. And we try and get you to make them again. AND again.

8 things guys notice during sex

9. How you taste...

It's only natural that we'll notice - and we really, really want to notice. And maybe tell you what we noticed the next time you're horny and we want to turn you on even more.

10. The things you initiate

When you don't initiate things, we know that you're feeling hesitant. And when you do - we know you must feel really strongly about whatever it is you're initiating. This is all really great knowledge for us to use in the future!

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