10 Fashion Items Guys Adore On Girls (No, Not Short Dresses!)

10 Fashion Items Guys Adore On Girls (No, Not Short Dresses!)

Want to look irresistible for your crush? Well, don’t slip into your tightest, shortest and skimpiest outfit just yet. There are certain clothes that attract guys and trends that guys secretly love seeing on us that you would’ve never expected. You probably already love wearing most of these things and we’re sure you look incredible in them. 

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    Fashion Tips For Women - What To Wear To Impress A Guy

    Wondering! what to wear to impress a guy? Read about the things girls wear that guys love if you’re trying to grab his attention and don’t forget to take notes! *Wink*

    1. Thick Framed Glasses


    Sexy secretary, sexy librarian - we’re guessing it all stems from there. Plus, glasses add an air of mystery and intelligence, which is quite a turn on. And you thought being a chashmish was a bad thing?

    2. Skinny Jeans


    They accentuate your curves by making that booty look amazing. Of course, guys love skinny jeans as much as we do ‘coz they show off our best asset!

    3. Leather Jackets


    Slipping on a leather jacket instantly makes your style edgier! Plus, doesn’t it make you feel like a sexy rockstar? Guys love that confidence as well as the bad-girl appeal of a classic leather jacket.

    4. Good Ol’ Sneakers


    They’re fuss-free and super cool - just the kind of qualities men look for in their ideal woman!

    5. Off-Shoulder Tops

    Deepika Padukone on Instagram

    Who knew men love our favourite trend as much as we do? This style flaunts our shoulders and back in a way that isn’t OTT. Sexy yet subtle, we totally get why they like this trend! 

    6. Sundresses


    A light sundress is something that almost every guy loves seeing a girl in. It’s simple and casual but sexy enough to hint at your curves. A bright cotton sundress is a piece of clothing that most of us have in our wardrobes. Slip into one to feel like a beautiful, whimsical creature that men secretly can’t resist.

    7. Workout Pants


    Fitted yoga pants are something we love slipping into even if we’re not hitting the gym - they’re just so comfy! Well, the good news is that men love us in them as well. They fact that they hug our curves, flaunt our legs and make our butts look amazing are obviously some of the reasons why. Well, no wonder gym attire always tops the list of clothes that attract guys.

    8. Statement Tees and Sweaters

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    Statement slogans, graphic prints, band names - ‘grunge chic’ describes this trend best. They’re a great way to get some attention without looking like you’re trying very hard.

    9. Mini Skirts


    A tight mini skirt that shows plenty of leg and accentuates your butt - how is a guy supposed to resist that?

    10. Any Clothes That Belong To Them


    Even if they pretend to crib when you steal their favourite hoodie or button-down shirt, the truth is that we look way better in their clothes and they know it. Also, it shows the world that you’re proud to be with him and that you like his style!