10 Things All Girls Want Guys To Know About Boobs!

10 Things All Girls Want Guys To Know About Boobs!
Men have always been curious about boobs. But despite all their research (ahem!), there are some things they will never know. These are those useful little facts that only women are aware of but really want the guys to get clued in on. We’ve decided to spill the secrets with this list of 10 things girls want to tell guys about boobs! 

1. Nipples have a mind of their own

Yup, we don’t know whether we’re feeling cold or we’re just excited to see you. There are times when nipples just do as they please...just like our whimsical hearts.

2. One of them is bigger than the other

...and we won’t tell you which one it is! But, yes, it has been proven that for most women one breast is bigger than the other. Also, something you should know, it isn’t always a visible difference.

2 things girls want to tell guys about boobs

3. They’re sensitive AF

Boobs are super duper sensitive! One small change in our lifestyle and it can make a huge difference to our breasts. Especially changes that bring hormonal imbalances such as birth control pills or even something as regular as a stressful day at work.

4. Breast orgasm is a thing

Yeah, we admit it. Nipple orgasm is a thing. We can get an orgasm just from nipple stimulation. Although, we have to admit, it requires a ton of practice and effort, so make sure you are up for the challenge!

4 things girls want to tell guys about boobs

5. Rough play isn’t for everyone

During a steamy make out sesh rough play is a personal choice - especially when it comes to boobs. All we’re saying is - don’t just start light slapping or biting unless we actually tell you we are into it!

6. They feel different in different situations

Because of how sensitive they are, boobs see more changes than any other part of our body. They feel different at various stages such as before our period, during the period, while we are turned on or even when we are on the pill.

6 things girls want to tell guys about boobs

7. Boob hair is totally normal

In case you think we are born hairless creatures, think again. Having hair around the nipples is actually pretty standard. So the next time you get up close and personal, don’t be surprised. Also, please don’t ask if we shave the hair off.

8. There are different kinds of nipples

Surprise, surprise! There are, in total, 8 different kinds of nipples. And guess what, they are all considered to be normal.

8 things girls want to tell guys about boobs

9. Sometimes they hurt

Consider this as friendly advice about why you shouldn’t get overexcited when you see our boobs. We get why you feel that way, but manhandling them is a big no-no! Even though they look like squishy balls, they bruise easily.

10. We love when you play with them as much as you do

Keeping all the warnings aside, we’re fond of the light playing, gentle nibbles and fun massages! When handled appropriately, we absolutely love the attention you pay to our boobs.

10 things girls want to tell guys about boobs

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