10 Little Things No Girl *Needs* To Depend On A Guy For!

10 Little Things No Girl *Needs* To Depend On A Guy For!
‘A girl knows her limits, but a wise girl knows she has none.’ - Marilyn Monroe. We believe that you are complete, beautiful, ambitious and capable of doing anything and everything - including the things that a man has been mostly doing for you! So pull up your socks, take that coffee shot, throw on some red lipstick and get your game right. Here is a list of things that a girl must count on herself for, and be her own ‘knight in shining armour’, because she needs no man…

1. Light Things Up

When was the last time you fixed a bulb? Many of you might reply with ‘never’ to that. If we're right, then it's time to change that and be the one to fix bulbs and tube lights and every other little thing around the house, because you need no man to light things up for you when you've got yourself.

2. Chauffeur Yourself Around

Driving a car is not rocket science (especially if it’s an automatic!), which means that you can drive a car just as well as anyone else can. In fact, just put on your favourite song, pump up the volume and zoom your way around the city. Oh independence smells so sweet!

2 count on herself

3. Self Love Is The Way To Go

Instead of waiting for your knight in shining armour to come and rescue you, chose to indulge in some self pampering (we mean ice cream, spas and manicures or whatever works for you) and rescue yourself. Even better, fall in love with your own life so that you need no rescuing at all!

4. Get your Tyre Game Right!

What’s your plan of action when you realize that you have a flat tyre? You might think about calling a guy to come and fix it for you. Well, why not just learn to change the tyre on your own?  It's really a life skill everyone should know these days!

4 count on herself

5. Sober Yourself Down

Whenever you go out drinking next, remember that all you need to get home safe is ‘you’! This means drinking sensibly so that you are able to sober yourself down and get back home exactly when you want to. It's really amazing to have that kind of control over your life!

6. Hammer that Nail Girl

Trust us, hammering a nail is easier than it sounds… We mean it! So next time you want to hang a photo on your wall, just, place the nail on point, and hammer it in. Voila, job done! Now you must be wondering why you'd been avoiding putting up that frame, right?

6 count on herself

7. Drink? Yes, let me go and make myself one!

Next time when a guy offers to make you a drink, why don't you offer to make one for him and yourself instead? Flaunt your cocktail making skills at this opportunity and get a drink just with what you want in it. This is an art worth learning, even if it means you taking cocktail making classes to get there!

8. Your Life, Your Call

We're sure your man can give you some great advice on taking life decisions… And there's really no harm in listening him out. But always trust yourself to take the final decision. After all, who knows you better than yourself, right?

8 count on herself

9. Work Hard, Party Harder

Gone are the days when home-making was a woman’s job and toiling in the woods, a man’s! Be ambitious, work hard and earn money so that you can party super hard and go berserk splurging your own money. You can count on yourself (and no one else!) to make sure you have a great time!

10. Sort Your Financials Out

Now that you earn and spend your own money, wouldn't it be awesome to do the bank work, accounting and taxes all by yourself too?! Stop looking to your dad or your brother for help - learning to deal with this sooner rather than later will only benefit you!

10 count on herself

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