13 Things People Say That Make EVERY Indian Girl Roll Her Eyes!

13 Things People Say That Make EVERY Indian Girl Roll Her Eyes!
Who would know about the struggles of being an Indian girl better than us? From being toddlers clad in ruffled-pink onesies to teenagers who are told to put on a dupatta, we’ve been subjected to all sorts of random things at different stages of our lives. And over the years, we have had to listen to unsolicited advice and comments with a wide smile - because that’s the ‘polite’ thing to do. While there are many, many things Indian girls are tired of hearing, we’ve brought together 13 of the most annoying comments we get to hear from people. Read this, and we bet you’re going to be saying ‘aye’ to all of these!

1. ‘Log kya kahenge?’

We often find ourselves leading lives by a rulebook with clear instructions on how a girl ‘should be’ and what is ‘expected’ of her. Important life decisions seem to be dictated by rules made by people we don’t even know or care about...when all we want to do is turn around and say: ‘Aunty, yeh mat socho log kya kahenge, yeh socho ki main aapke baare mein kya soch rahi hoon!’

2. ‘Your bra strap is showing’

Even a teeny tiny peekaboo makes people say you’re ‘inappropriately dressed’.Take a break, people, it is just a strap! We’re so tired of everyone sexualizing a piece of clothing. Besides, we spend a hell lot of moolah on our bras, so why NOT flaunt it!

things every girl is tired of hearing

3. ‘Beta, shaadi kab karoge?’

Indian society is obsessed with getting single twenty-somethings married off ASAP. Which, basically, just drives us completely cray-cray. Wish we could turn around and say: ‘Aunty, aapki misaal dekh ke toh mann karta hai kabhi bhi na karoon!’

4. ‘Are you wearing THAT?’  

Remember the time when you couldn’t wear your favourite outfit because your grandma decided it was too skimpy? Well, hell, we’re SO done with that. It’s time to be confident in our skin and be proud of the choices we make. Whether it’s covering up with a shawl or wearing the shortest crop top, WE get to decide what we want to wear. Just like the amazing girls in this video, who strut away in their awesomeness and do as their hearts wish!
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5. ‘When I was your age, I already had two kids.’

Dear aunties, thank you for informing us that our ‘biological clock is ticking away’, but we’re currently thrilled to be pursuing our dreams - personally and professionally. We’ll have kids when having kids becomes part of those dreams for us!

6. ‘Good girls don’t party’

Apparently, ‘good girls’ don’t stay out after eight. Well, if hanging out with our friends means that we’re ‘bad girls’, then we’re proud of that label. Besides, don’t they say that well behaved women rarely make history? So, girls, take a cue and be absolutely badass at everything you do!

things every girl is tired of hearing (1)

7.  ‘Why are you so emotional, is it that time of the month?’

No, just NO. We feel emotional because we’re upset about something. The only time we feel that emotional because of our bodies is when we are hungry and there is no food in the fridge. It makes us ‘hangry’.   

8. ‘Really? Are you going to eat all that?’

Here’s a fair warning: whoever gives us that kind of negativity is going to be blocked from our lives. Because, for us, food trumps annoying people any day!

things every girl is tired of hearing 1

9. ‘Shhh...you’re too loud for a girl!’

We’re genuinely baffled. Why should a girl speak softly because she is a girl? It’s our voice...and we will talk as loudly and boldly as we want. And the other thing that totally boils our blood is when they say girls shouldn’t swear! What is up with THAT?

10. ‘You should know how to cook’

We’ve been told repeatedly that a girl should know how to cook because it’ll help her get a better husband. Guess what? Everyone should know how to cook some basics! It’s an important survival skill for both sexes, not just girls!

things every girl is tired of hearing3

11. ‘You should choose a safe career option’

‘Are you studying journalism? Then you should probably rethink that. You do know that it requires you to work late nights, right?’ We’re done listening to free career advice. In 2017, we plan on setting our own goals and accomplishing them, one step at a time!

12. ‘Who is that guy? Your boyfriend?’

That moment when you go shopping with your boy bestie to help him choose a gift for his girlfriend but unfortunately bump into a neighbourhood aunty... You’re then forced to face an interrogation because she wants know the minutest details about him. ‘Aunty, aapko toh CID mein hona chahiye tha!’

things every girl is tired of hearing5

13. ‘Girls’ trip? It’s not safe.’

Exploring a new place with people who get your sarcasm, who laugh at your weird jokes, who listen to your crap - is just the best feeling in the world. But as they say, the good things in life don’t come easy. But, girls, it is your life, take control of it and if that means ignoring all the people questioning your every move and going on that trip with your besties, then just go for it!

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