10 Things *Every* Modern Indian Girl Needs In Her Life!

10 Things *Every* Modern Indian Girl Needs In Her Life!
As a modern Indian girl, you know how difficult it is to balance your many priorities. You need to juggle between your education, your career, your family, friends and of course your boyfriend. You are constantly trying to push yourself to do better, to learn and to grow. You may have some hiccups along the way but you learn from them too. From dealing with heartbreaks and difficult career choices to dealing with parents who seem to have only marriage on their minds the problems are endless! Which is why we have put together a list of things you need to help you along your journey - so you can sail through it all with strength and determination.

1. A solid financial plan

Where is the money, honey? Saving, as many of us will agree, is a difficult thing to do. Especially when we want to eat and shop all day long. Which is why you need a solid plan to help you save up for your future. Start small by setting aside a small percentage of what you earn every month in order to save. Sit down with your parents to discuss your investment options, for instance, you could either invest in mutual funds or make a fixed deposit. In today’s day and age financial independence is critical - so the sooner you start saving the better. Sure, it’s fun to splurge, but in the long run, saving is the wiser option :)

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2. Battery backup

You lead a busy life, your days are long and hectic and there are times when your devices simply can’t keep up. Running out of battery is always a huge concern, not just because you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening on social media - but because it is a legitimate safety issue as well and your parents would be truly concerned if they couldn’t reach you. Which is why you need to carry a power bank with you at all times. It also helps to religiously charge your phone and the battery backup every night. Because five missed calls from your mom is never a good idea!

3. Safety measures

As an independent woman, you spend a significant amount of time outside your home - which is why your safety is definitely your first priority. Because after all, at the end of the day your safety is in your hands, which is why the new watch by Sonata is something that you should definitely check out. The Sonata ACT (which stands for App enabled Coordinates Tracker) is India’s first safety watch for women. How it works is that you pair your phone to your watch via Bluetooth, register guardians or people who you would like to notify if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. When in need, simply press the 8 o’clock button on your watch twice and your guardians will be notified of your exact location.

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4. A signature scent

Sounds a little crazy? Well, it really shouldn’t - smelling good makes you feel confident and feel better about yourself. Spritzing yourself every morning with a fragrance that you like is important - not only for the sake of people who sit next to you - but for yourself too. Think about it, you definitely have that one perfume that you gravitate towards when your mood needs a pick me up, or you need that extra hit of confidence. So, choose your favourite smell and get spritzing. Plus, it becomes like your calling card and people remember you by it.

5. A planner!

Your days are hectic and sometimes despite your best efforts you end up forgetting about certain tasks. Which is why every girl needs to invest in a planner, a diary or an organiser. These will help you plan your day and stay on top of your game. If writing things down is too old school for you, then try making a note on your phone or laptop calendar. There are also several apps that you can download that will help you organise your day. This will ensure that you never lose track of the things you need to do. While making a schedule, don’t forget to chalk in some downtime - because you definitely need that too!  

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6. A role model

When life gets hard and you can’t figure out how to fix things, what you truly need is a role model. Someone that you can look up to and feel, “Hey, if he/she could do it, then so can I”. This can be anybody, a celebrity, an author whose words inspire and comfort you or just someone in your family whose small acts of kindness truly move you. Everyone goes through trying times, which is why you need people that you can look up to for inspiration.  

7. Someone to lean on!

Every girl needs a close-knit circle of friends who are there for her through thick and thin. Real friends - not the kind who you only chit-chat with on social media. Your friends are your support system, they are the ones you turn to when you need advice and they are the ones you can truly count on during your times of need. People you would blindly trust to protect you and keep you safe.

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8. A powerful outfit

There are days when you need just that extra little push to make you feel like you can take on the world. Be it an interview or a meeting where you are presenting - sometimes you just need a boost of confidence. Which is why you need an outfit that makes you feel great -  something that lets you walk into a room and feel like you own it. It could be your favourite pair of shoes or a dress that you love or even a watch. Every girl sometimes just needs a little help from her outfit to make her feel empowered - it is, after all, called power dressing for a reason.

9. A budget set aside to travel

‘You are not a tree, so move!’ People often say this and it makes total sense. Travelling opens you up to a whole new way of thinking by exposing you to different people and different cultures. Which is why you must include a travel allowance in your budget. Save up a little every month, scour the internet for cheap tickets and great deals on hotels and set off on an adventure. Try travelling solo or take your best friend along if you are not the solo-travel kinds. It will be a hell of an experience!

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10. An actual skincare regime

It is important to invest time in yourself. Your hectic life eventually starts taking a toll on your skin, which is why developing an actual skincare routine in your early twenties is a must. Determine your skin type, find products that work well for you - and get started. Every girl must follow a regular CTM routine - begin by using a gentle cleanser, follow it up with a good toner and then finally end with a moisturiser or serum. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen - it is something no modern Indian girl should leave home without!

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