11 Things Every Couple Does *After* The Honeymoon Stage!

11 Things Every Couple Does *After* The Honeymoon Stage!
The initial months of a relationship is termed as the “honeymoon phase” as the couple is newly in love with each other and are getting to know each other better. Everything is “coochy-coo” during this phase and it is the most perfect time for a couple. Once the initial months have passed, this fades away. Although, the end of this phase is only the beginning of the next phase! Here are a few things couples do once the honeymoon phase ends!

1. The have fights

It comes as a shock to the couple when they have their first fight. Because in their honeymoon stage, they never had a single one. But you see, fights and arguments are healthy for a relationship and in return, they help the couple get a clearer picture of how the other person thinks.

1 honeymoon phase ends

2. They value quality of time over quantity of time

It’s not about the number of hours anymore, rather it is how much they both can make the most of the time they have with each other.

3. They start to let go off of their inhibitions

Usually, in the first few months of the relationship, a couple might be hesitant with each other and not completely at ease. But, as months pass, they both start getting to know each other so well that they feel completely at ease! They begin to discuss each and every thing with their partners and all this only happens after the initial months of a relationship.

3 honeymoon phase ends

4. They talk less on the phone

When a couple starts dating, they spend all their time on the phone talking to each other and messaging each other. It comes as a surprise when the talking on the phone reduces. This happens as the relationship matures and the two get to know each other so well that taking on the phone all day doesn’t seem a necessity any more. They care about their partner's sleep a bit more now!

5. They reach a better understanding

Things don’t need an explanation anymore; the couple now knows each other so well that there is never any reason or justification required. One exactly knows what the other one has in mind and doesn't question things even if they don't know about it.

5 honeymoon phase ends

6. They realize that PDA is not important to express love

It is not that the two have stopped loving each other, but instead, they develop a comfort level with each other in which they know that they don’t need to show their affection in public. They don’t need to hold hands in public to show the world that they are connected to each other!

7. They get together to do their own thing

Initially, it’s all about the dinner dates and clichéd romantic things, but over a period of time, romance gets a new definition. They both can sit next to each other and do their own thing without worrying about the other one getting bored or feeling left out. It’s not that date nights are over or that they have become boring! There's just more to them than those things now.

7 honeymoon phase ends

8. They give each other space

After the honeymoon phase, they both realize that they have their own lives and friend circles too and they don’t always have to make plans together. Plus, they also learn to tell when their partner needs some ‘me’ time and make sure they get it!

9. They don't feel the need to be fancy all the time

Girls stop worrying about not getting her eyebrows or upper lip threading done on time. They can meet in their bae in sweatpants or night-suits and still be the most beautiful for the other.

9 honeymoon phase ends

10. They start getting annoyed with each other’s habits

During their honeymoon phase, the little things about their partner felt okay but over the months, small things about their partner start to annoy them. But instead of fighting with over these things, they learn to accept each other just the way they are and work towards making their relationship perfect.

11. They know that they are going to make it to forever

Their love is solid. They’ve handled each other at their worst. They’ve stuck together during their worst fights and fought through every problem. They have matured together and feel secure about their relationship. Just like wine, their relationship gets better with age!

11 honeymoon phase ends

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