The First Time I... Tied Him Up During Sex!

The First Time I... Tied Him Up During Sex!
This incident dates back to the time when I had just lost my virginity to my boyfriend and we were both exploring our respective likes and dislikes. Shower sex, drunk sex, sex on the kitchen counter, lap dance and even period sex, you name it and we had tried and tested it all. Since both of us are really experimental (umm, sexually), we did not have a hard time keeping up with each other's fantasies. We were ticking things off our checklist, one deed at a time.

So there we were, lying on his bed in our underwear, watching a movie and like always, I was bored enough to start doing ‘interesting things’. So, I ran my fingers over his bare body to give him a slight hint. He turned and looked at me, kissed me on my lips, wrapped his arms around me and continued watching the movie, completely ignoring my hint. But surprisingly, that didn’t turn me off. By now, I was reallyyy in the mood.

I tried again. This time, I changed my position to face him while his arms were still around me. This way, my lips had access to all his sensitive areas and that's just what I wanted. I started kissing his neck - slow wet kisses, just what turns him on. He turned towards me again, but I didn’t stop this time. My kisses started getting more intense and so did his breathing. I moved to his lips slowly and what started as a break from the movie, had now turned into a super intense makeout session.

tied him up during sex

While we continued kissing, I pulled him up and sat on his lap. He unhooked my bra and we got rid of the rest of our clothes. He caressed my breasts, back and every body part he had access too. I knew he wanted me bad but I was not ready to give in yet.

I pulled out my scarf from my bag, held his wrists together and tied them up. He was visibly surprised and happy. I pushed him onto the bed and blindfolded him with my underwear (don't judge, it that was the only thing I had access to). From his neck to his feet, I kissed every inch of his body till he was craving me like crazy. But, no, I wasn’t done, not yet. I went for it and gave him a very sexy blowjob and stopped just when he was about to, um, finish. I had a condom ready in another hand - I put it on him in one swift motion and went for it even before he could realize what was going on. He gasped and took off the blindfold. Then he untied his hands, got up in one rapid motion and took charge of things from there on.

We had the best sex of our lives.

While both of us were lying on the bed, trying to regain our breath, he told me how much he loved it and that it was the best sex he had ever had. We kissed, he wrapped his arms around me and we slept.

It’s been more than one and a half years and we are still going strong (not to forget the awesome sex life). He still thinks I am wild in bed and I still keep coming up with sexy new things to do to him. *Wink*

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