The First Time I Sneaked A Guy In… While My Parents Were Home!

The First Time I Sneaked A Guy In… While My Parents Were Home!
It's been almost ten years to this incident and every time I think about it, it only makes me wonder how foolish I was, to have invited a stranger home. I had just started dating and become, um, sexually active. And what a thrill that was! I did everything that any teenage girl would have, to get attention from boys. From getting my hair done to wearing the latest fashion and applying just a little bit makeup... And that’s probably why, one fine day, I received a call from an unknown number. His name was Harsh and he said he had seen me in the marketplace next to my house. He complimented me on my good looks and asked if I’d be his friend. How he managed to get my number, still remains a mystery to me. I didn’t bother digging deep at that time because he sounded just SO hot! He had this mature husky voice that I couldn’t help but fall for and we decided to meet the very next day.

Harsh was 6 feet tall, well built and around 8 years elder to me. He wore baggy jeans and a white tee, as was the trend at that time and drove around in a swanky car. He was NOTHING like the guys I used to hang out with. He was way sexier! And honestly, to be seen with such a guy gave me a major confidence boost. Our first meeting was extremely brief. He just told me how nice he thought I looked and I pretty much just smiled through those 20 mins that we spent together in the parking lot of my building. I had to follow strict deadlines that my parents had set for me, so, I left with a promise to call him later that night.

Post dinner, I waited for my parents to go to sleep and then hurried under my blanket to give him a call. We talked briefly for 2-3 mins before he casually mentioned that he was standing right outside my building! I used to stay on the first floor and could immediately spot his car from the window. God, he looked so delicious! He wanted me to sneak out and when I declined, he offered to come up instead! And I have to admit, the thought of him in my bedroom was just too exciting. Yes, I had only known him for 20 mins really but he was just too irresistible to say no to - that's all the logic I needed back then. But there was just no way I could open the front door without waking my parents up. We made small talk for a while after which he hung up saying he’ll call me back in 10 minutes. Next thing I knew, he had bribed our guard and climbed up the balcony attached to my room with the help of a ladder and some daredevilry. I was speechless, to say the least. I rushed to lock my room door, considering my parents were sleeping right in the next one! As an added precaution, I decided to sit with him in the balcony instead. It started with some hushed conversations before he moved right in front of me and challenged me to a game of Truth or Dare. I knew where it was going and honestly, I wanted just that. The game obviously didn’t last long and very soon we were both on the floor, stripping each other off, one thing at a time. And to make out with a man with so much more experience, only made my experience a lot more pleasurable.

By the time he climbed down my house it was almost 4:30 in the morning. I took a quick nap before being woken up for school. That day, I could only and only think about our crazy night together. And I did make it a point to dish out all the little details to my gal pals. Harsh and I met a few times after that, mostly to make out in the backseat of his car. We hardly spoke on the phone and never went out on a date. We had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. To think of it now, maybe he wanted easy sex and I wanted a guy who could be the envy of all my friends. Our weird little relationship ended before we knew it. No one said anything but we just got busy with our lives and didn’t make that occasional call or bump into each other anymore. While I hold no regrets, I just think it was one of the single most foolish and irresponsible things I’ve ever done. To let a complete stranger enter my house... Imagine the horror if my parents had woken up that day!

* Names changed to protect privacy

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