13 Easy Makeovers For Your Hair (No, They’re Not Permanent!)

13 Easy Makeovers For Your Hair (No, They’re Not Permanent!)
We girls love experimenting with our hair, but we can’t deny that it’s tricky business. What if something goes wrong? What if the hairstylist messes up? What if the colour doesn’t look nice? And the most dreaded question, what if you chop it all off and it takes ages to grow back? Well, to help you out, here are 13 temporary ways to change your hair - all the glam looks without the pain of commitment!

1. Colour it up with hair chalk

1 change your hair

Image: Hair Chalk on Instagram

The best way to give your hair a dose of cheer? Colour it up with some hair chalk! These bright temporary colours last until you wash your hair and well, don’t they look absolutely fab? We think it’s a great way to give your hair a makeover - without any long-term commitments!

2. Slick it back

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Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

For a new look, slick your hair back with the help of some hair gel and plenty of hair spray. This look, popularized by the likes of Kim K and Gigi Hadid, is a chic way to up your style game!

3. Dip dye the ends

3 change your hair

Image: Pulp Riot Hair on Instagram

Don’t want the headache of colouring your hair and maintaining the streaks? Opt instead for dip dyeing your hair. That way, you only colour the tips of your tresses. You can experiment with crazy colours and chop it off when you get bored!

4. Change your hair part

4 change your hair

A simple change in the way you part your hair can change your whole look. If you usually part it in the centre, then why not flip it over to the side to bring more focus to your eyes. You can even try a zig-zag parting for a fun look.

5. Experiment with extensions

5 change your hair

Clip in extensions are such a fun way of experimenting with your look! You can increase your length, change your texture, go crazy with colours...the possibilities are endless and exciting!

6. Temporary hair colour spray

6 change your hair

Looking for a change of hairstyle but too scared of going permanent with crazy blue highlights? Then simply use a temporary hair colour spray, like this one from BBlunt!

7. Tie it up in a high ponytail

7 change your hair

Image: Ariana Grande on Instagram

Give your hair an instant lift (literally) by tying it up in a high ponytail. This one simple hairstyle can change your style in an instant! Prop your ponytail up by using hair pins on the inside.

8. Fake some layers

8 change your hair

Image: Parineeti Chopra on Instagram

Simply make a centre parting and flip half your hair over to the other side. The hair on the opposite side will look shorter, giving the illusion of pretty layers!

9. Henna hair dye

9 change your hair

To give your hair just a tinge of auburn, use some mehendi or henna on it. This semi-permanent dye doesn’t stay long and looks oh-so-pretty on Indian skin tones!

10. Go for a gloss treatment

10 change your hair

A hair gloss is a temporary way of adding some shine to dull locks. Hair glosses last a couple of weeks and are perfect for people with dry or frizzy hair.

11. Iron your braids for waves

11 change your hair

Don’t want to spend too much time with a curler? There’s a trick to give you wavy hair in a jiffy. Simply tie your tresses up in a couple of braids and use a flat iron or hair straightener over them. When you open your hair, you’ll have gorgeous waves!

12. Get the wet hair look

12 change your hair

Image: Kim Kardashian West on Instagram

A little bit of oil and gel go a long way in giving you the wet and wild look… This beachy style is perfect for a casual brunch or even a fun night out!

13. Create a faux bob

13 change your hair

The oldest trick in the book to give yourself the illusion of shorter hair, without actually chopping it off! There are many ways to fake a bob hairstyle, the easiest is to use a hair tie at the bottom of your hair and pin it up on the inside. And you’re ready to rock short hair for a day!

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