Sunday Shorts: 3 *Naughty* Tales Of Fantasies Becoming Reality!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Naughty* Tales Of Fantasies Becoming Reality!

1. When Strangers Meet

‘Is this seat taken?’ he asked.

She lightly tipped her half lit cigarette and through the wisps of smoke, looked at him, top to bottom.

‘Whiskey or beer?’ she asked.

‘Whiskey,’ he replied.

‘Hmm, in that case... No. The seat is not taken.’

After 6 pegs (or was it 8?) of whiskey, he drove her back home.

‘Would you like to come in?’ she asked him, as he opened the door of his car and helped her out.

Within minutes they were upstairs in her room, kissing and undressing each other with desire so intense, it made them shiver… And after 24 minutes, they finally came undone.

‘Happy 3rd anniversary, baby,’ she said, as they both dozed off.

2. Cuffed For Life

My white gown slipped off my shoulders a little too easily. Almost like it was made, not to be worn, but to be taken off. I giggled as his hands pulled mine behind my waist. And then I felt the cold steel and the softness of the fur as the click confirmed my bondage. ‘You’ve been a naughty girl,’ he said, tracing his lips down my neck. ‘On the contrary, I feel I’ve been a little too nice today.’ I replied, engaging our feet in a battle of their own.

As we lay there, our hands bound together with those tiny gold bands on our fingers, I looked at the white dress again. The white dress which was lying on the floor - next to his tuxedo. And I smiled, this was one captivity I was glad would last a lifetime.

3. Caught On Tape

We decided to turn up the heat by recording a video of us getting hot and heavy between the sheets. It has always been one of our sexual fantasies to watch ourselves at it after the steamy act. We had talked about trying it but just never got around to doing it, until...

For his birthday, I charged the camera without him noticing. When he got out of the shower, he was shocked to see me on the bed wearing nothing but a smile - and a camera around my neck, of course. Without saying another word, he sprang on to the bed and got into action. His hands all over me, caressing my curves as my lips were busy exploring his muscular body.

Just before we called it a night, I handed over the memory card to him. The footage did its job - we were both ready to for another round in less than a minute. He put the laptop aside and pulled me closer.

It was one of the sauciest experiments in bed we've ever pulled off. He still swears it was his best birthday ever.

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