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10 Sweet Surprises To Plan For Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

10 Sweet Surprises To Plan For Your Boyfriend This Christmas!

Planning a surprise can be quite a task especially when it's for your sweetheart. The struggle is real, but don’t fret ladies, because we have some great ideas for you to try out this Christmas. Whether you are broke or in the mood to splurge, this list is perfect for you. These super sweet surprises will surely bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more and pick your favourite! (we already have ours picked)

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1. Wall of memories

If you are good with arts and crafts then this is one thing that you must do for your boyfriend. Print out a bunch of pictures (of the two of you) in polaroid frames. Cut them out to size and create a wall of your fondest memories. You could either stick it straight on the wall or choose to create patterns with string and hang the pictures on them. Remember to use colourful clips to make it look pretty. You could even use beautiful fairy lights to make it feel more Christmassy

2. Bake a Christmas cake for him

It’s not just boys, everybody loves receiving sweet treats! Who wouldn’t want a cake baked with love? It’s time to unleash your inner baking goddess, make super cute cupcakes and decorate them with hearts and Christmas trees. If you are a baking novice then try watching a YouTube tutorial video and simply follow the instructions. But if all else fails, then here is a little cheat code - get a cake mix, throw it all in a bowl and pop it in the oven. We guarantee he will appreciate the effort. surprise your boyfriend

3. Plan a surprise dinner

Why wait for an anniversary or his birthday to tell him how amazing he is. Preparing a special meal just for him is one of the sweetest things you can do. Your haath ka khaana may or may not taste great - but it’s the thought that counts right? Plan a menu full of things that you know he loves. Ask your mother for some easy to follow recipes and get cooking, good looking!

4. Call me maybe…

Buy him a phone. All boys are suckers for gadgets and if you have the budget for it, then why not? There’s nothing more exciting than giving him a present that will constantly remind him of you. Buy one with a good camera so you can capture all your fun moments together and you can keep adding photos to your little ‘wall of memories’. Try the new upgraded OPPO F1s that not only clicks brilliant selfies but is also an amazing smartphone! The 16 MP front camera with the ‘Beautify function’ ensures the most gorgeous pictures. It comes equipped with 4G RAM, 64G ROM and 3075 mAh battery - specs that your guy will go gaga over! The new grey version with a metallic body will be perfect for him. He will never stop loving you after this :D surprise your boyfriend

5. Puppy love!

If you both love animals then this is one of the best things you could do this Christmas. Adopt a stray pup or kitten together and share the responsibilities of looking after the tiny creature. That way you not only get to add an adorable furry member to your family, but by adopting and not shopping you get to give your pet a wonderful new home to grow up in.

6. Knit a muffler for him!

Yeah, you heard that right. No, we aren’t asking you to turn into a little granny. But trust us, a hand knit muffler is something he will truly cherish! Don’t worry about being bad at it - we are all bad at it - trust us, and as Vincent Van Gogh rightly said “What is done in love, is done well”. So, google the simplest way to knit a scarf and get started. It will not only keep him warm in the cold, but will also melt his heart. (We assure you that he will love it no matter how imperfect it is!) surprise your boyfriend (4)

7. Sporty spice

You know how boys feel that we don’t like them watching their favourite sport. This Christmas prove him wrong and watch it with him. Either book tickets to a game or switch on the TV and  help him cheer his team - it will mean a lot to him! If you want to truly surprise him, then make him a hamper full of things like tees, coffee mugs, keychains etc all supporting his favourite team. It will definitely make his Christmas more merry.

8. Plan a short getaway with him

Travelling with bae is always a good idea right? Imagine a weekend full of snuggles and exploring new places - the best combination EVER. Surprise him by planning a short getaway to an exciting place. Head somewhere new, so that you can both experience the place together. Don’t forget to cherish the beauty of winter mornings with him! surprise your boyfriend (5)

9. A movie marathon!

Getting dressed and going out is one thing, but staying in your pyjamas with bae is the best thing in the world isn't it? Watch your favourite movies back to back and stay indoors with a cup of hot chocolate! Look out for classic Christmas movies like Love Actually, Home Alone, Jingle All The way etc or you could opt for Bollywood rib ticklers instead - whatever you guys like. All you have to do is draw the curtains, get the blankets and switch on the TV! It’s that easy.

10. Reasons why you love him? The list is endless!

We love our boyfriends for a million different reasons, but sometimes we can’t find the right way to express it. So this Christmas, write it all down on tiny pieces of paper and put them in a glass jar so he can read them one by one! Make sure to fill the jar up as much as possible and use a whole bunch of coloured papers so it looks super pretty. When you guys fight remind him of this jar and it will instantly calm him down. surprise your boyfriend (3) *This is a sponsored post for OPPO
Published on Dec 15, 2016
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