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17 Struggles Of Having A Tall Boyfriend That Are All TOO Real!

17 Struggles Of Having A Tall Boyfriend That Are All TOO Real!

Dating a tall guy can be a real task. Heels, step-stools, bear hugs all become part of everyday life and sometimes...love does feel like work! Reading this list, we are sure a lot of you ladies out there will find themselves nodding their heads, knowingly.

1. Standing and kissing is a task!

Either you have to balance yourself on your toes or he has to bend (almost) halfway down to reach you! And they’re both not the most comfortable positions. 1 dating a tall guy

2. So is walking with him

Those long athletic legs look great until they start walking and you find yourself jogging to keep up with his long strides.

3. Your selfies are never the right angle

No matter how far you stretch out your arm, you’ll still only be able to reach half of his chest! *sigh* 3 dating a tall guy

4. You have to plan a week ahead if you want to pull his cheeks!

Know all those moments of cute aggression when all you want to do is pull his cheeks with delight? Yeah, you can’t do that with a tall boyfriend. You need to carefully wait till he stands still, while you get a stool you can climb up on.

5. You can never EVER be the big spoon

Though we don’t really mind being the small spoon, there are moments when you want to take charge and be the bigger one, right? With a tall boyfriend, that is just one uncomfortable position! 5 dating a tall guy

6. You just can't do the whole sexy thing by wearing his t-shirt

All of his t-shirts and shirts reach your knees and you end up looking like you're ready for bed and NOT sexy-time.

7. Watching a movie in the theatre is tough

Since he needs to sit sideways to actually fit in those seats, all of the extra room you have in front of you gets taken up by his long legs.
7 dating a tall guy

8. Sharing a blanket with him is even worse.

Why can’t tall guys just curl up a bit while sleeping? Instead, they stretch to their height and leave us scrambling for the little bit of the blanket that is left!

9. Your neck hurts. A lot.

You have to beg him to sit his ass down because you just can't tilt your head up anymore.

10. Borrowing his shorts is awkward.

They look like culottes on you - and not the fashionable kind.

11. He keeps pointing out things that you just can't see.

What? Ranveer Singh is here? Where? I can't see? WHERE?! 11 dating a tall guy

12. When you hug him, you look like a tiny kid trying to hug a giant teddy bear!

Because there’s no way you can put your arms around his neck comfortably. So you just end up wrapping them around his chest.

13. When you go out for a bike ride, there’s no way you can see the front view OR rest your chin on his shoulder…

So you just end up enjoying the side view while using his back as a pillow. 13 dating a tall guy

14. Some sex positions are, well, out of bounds for you two.

Because…anatomy! Things just won’t fit.

15. A LOT of tall-short jokes from literally every human being on the planet!

Eiffel Tower and milestone, Sabu and Chacha (or chachi) Chaudhary… You’ve heard them all, and somehow, the joke’s always on you!

16. You legit cannot shop for any kind of clothes for him.

Because normal sizing standards do not apply to him.

17. In really loud places, you just cannot hear him because he is way up there!

And he probably can’t hear you because you are way down here. *Sigh* 17 dating a tall guy Even though all these struggles are all too real, we absolutely love our tall men for their sheer awesomeness! GIFs: Giphy
Published on Dec 26, 2016
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