13 Signs Your Sexual Compatibility With Him Is Just… AMAZING!

13 Signs Your Sexual Compatibility With Him Is Just… AMAZING!
Ever heard of sexual compatibility? Yes, it’s a thing! And it’s super important for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Initially, as a couple, it’s easy to get along - both inside and outside the bedroom. However, once the honeymoon phase is over, you have to face the slightly duller side of things...especially in the bedroom. Before you reach that phase, find out if the two of you are sexually compatible with these 13 signs!

1. You’re on the same page

If the two of you tend to get aroused at the same time and crave almost the same things, then you’re in a good place. It means neither of you is being deprived or doing it just for the heck of it, which is great!

1 sexually compatible

2. You balance your comfort

You love being comfortable. But at the same time, you know that you can’t let that feeling overtake your sex life. When it comes to your sex life, you still want to do things for each other and impress your S.O.

3. You don’t obsess over numbers

You don’t think sex is ‘good’ if you have it a certain number of times. You’re not hung up on the numbers. You focus on quality instead of quantity and you know that’s all that matters.

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4. You...fit together!

Sexual chemistry is also about sexual anatomy. If you guys experience painful and uncomfortable positions often, then sex becomes something you start to dread. But if your bodies naturally align themselves then everything just flows smoothly!

5. You enjoy the same things in bed

You two like and dislike the same things and that just makes everything SO much easier!

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6. And you’re comfortable to say it out loud

You also realise that when it comes to the bedroom, things are better said than left unsaid. Neither of you can read the other person’s mind and you’d rather just voice what you want instead of letting your partner figure it out on their own. Which, might we add, could take months.

7. You’re not worried about performance

There are several things you can be concerned about when you’re sleeping with your boyfriend. You are always hoping for a good beginning, middle and end. However, you know that it’s not always going to be a bed of roses and that’s cool by both of you!

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8. You give AND receive

Both of you are willing to give as much as you receive. This means you BOTH care about each other’s sexual satisfaction as much as your own.

9. You both value sex equally

This is when you have the same views on how important sex is in your relationship. When, for example, your partner doesn’t value the role of sex in your relationship the same way that you do, he won’t take the same effort in making it special!

9 sexually compatible

10. Your intimacy is not limited to the bedroom

The greatest foreplay is a stimulating conversation. You need to gel outside the bedroom as well as you do inside!

11. You don’t shy away from compromises

Yes, it’s important to have similar preferences to be sexually compatible. But, there will be times when that’s just impossible. In that situation, what’s important is how you find a way to compromise that leaves both of you satisfied.

11 sexually compatible

12. It comes naturally

You know you’re sexually compatible if sex is effortless for both of you. You like the same things, you easily get turned on by each other, you don’t get into awkward sexual situations.

13. You’re okay with the incompatibility as well

You accept your incompatibilities. You’re okay with an awkward transition or some embarrassing bodily function coming from either side!

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