11 Signs You May Not Be Ready To Have Sex… Yet!

11 Signs You May Not Be Ready To Have Sex… Yet!
You, and only you, can decide when you are ready to have sex. You might have been dating someone for a while or might have just started dating, he might want to take the relationship to the next level or you might have been thinking about it... All of this is completely fine - but you shouldn’t give in and have sex if you aren’t completely comfortable with it. Here are a few signs you are not ready for sex yet!

1. You don’t want to upset him

Are you thinking about having sex with him just because you feel that you would disappoint him if you don’t? Well, you should NEVER agree to have sex if you feel this way. If you have this thought running through your mind, it is a clear indication that you aren’t ready.

1 not ready for sex

2. Because everyone else is doing it

It can be hard when your gang of girlfriends has discussions about their steamy sex lives and you have nothing to add. You should never have sex because everyone else around you has had it and you feel like you are lagging behind. Don't do it to ‘fit in’ or because of FOMO - you might end up regretting it later.

3. You want to do it to please him

If your partner is pressing for sex, don’t do it just because you want to make him happy. If the only reason you are having sex is because you feel it will improve your relationship or make him like you more, then that's not a relationship you should be working on anyway.

3 not ready for sex

4. You feel like it's time for your relationship to move to the next level

If you feel it is too soon in your relationship to have sex and you want to give it some time, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. It can take days or even years before you’re comfortable. Give yourself and the relationship as much time as you want before you feel completely confident.

5. The idea of sex freaks you out a bit

It is natural for every girl to get freaked out and get anxious during the first few times she has sex but if thinking about sex with your partner makes you extremely nervous and scared, it shows that you aren’t there yet.

5 not ready for sex

6. You're afraid to say no when he asks

If you feel that denying him sex might break your relationship or would put your relationship at stake shows that you're not in a secure place when it comes to your relationship. There are other matters you should be discussing with your partner before you take that step.

7. You feel like you might regret it

If you have an iota of doubt in your head and you feel you might regret your decision later, there is no better indication - you aren't ready. It's okay to take as long as you need because it's a decision that will stay with you for a long time!

7 not ready for sex

8. You're not sure about the guy

Does something seem slightly off about him? Do you not trust him 100%? If yes, then give your relationship time. Sure, the person you have sex with doesn’t have to be your soulmate or your lifelong partner but he should be someone you trust entirely.

9. Your instinct makes you want to wait

Everyone has a gut feeling and if yours is telling you to wait and not rush into it, listen to it. You don't always need a explicable reason for things!

9 not ready for sex

10. You aren't comfortable

One needs to be 100% comfortable with their partner before they have sex with them. You might be conscious the first few times, but if you don’t feel at ease physically and are not comfortable being in bed with them, then don’t do it yet! Give yourself time to open up emotionally first.

11. You're reading this because you've been wondering if you're ready

The time you are ready to have sex, you will know it. You will be nervous, of course, but you will be excited too. Wait for the feeling to come naturally to you!

11 not ready for sex

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