11 Signs He Wants To Be More Than *Just* Friends With You

11 Signs He Wants To Be More Than *Just* Friends With You
Whoever said that the human mind is the most complicated thing in the world, had clearly not dealt with the human heart… Especially when it comes to love. Every girl, at one point in her life, has that one guy friend who is special… More special than the rest of her friends. The emotions in play are so many and so complex that figuring out the real deal becomes a task! So ladies, we are swooping in to help you a little. Here are few signs that he wants to be more than just friends with you.

1. He finds excuses to be alone with you.

Whether it’s just a short stroll or a casual coffee, he takes every chance he gets, to be alone with you. And it is not at all awkward.

1 more than just friends

2. He remembers things about you, that none of your other friends do!

The cafe you love to go to, your fave song and even the teeny tiny obsessions you have...

3. There is something about the way he hugs you… It’s warm and comfortable.

And it goes on for longer than most hugs.

3 more than just friends

4. He dresses up for you.

He knows what clothes you like on him and he makes an effort to dress up when going out with you.

5. He initiates texting, and genuinely enjoys talking to you.

No small talk and no awkward silences.

5 more than just friends

6. He feels protective of you… More than he does of his other female friends.

And if anyone crosses the line with you… Let's just say they may not have the best day.

7. Whenever possible, he sits closer to you so that his thigh or arm touches yours ever so slightly.

Of course, it's totally not creepy! So it feels nice… Not uncomfortable at all.

7 more than just friends

8. He confides in you…

...which shows that he trusts you more than anyone else.

9. He never talks about having a crush!

Nope! And even if he does mention the word ‘crush’, he may just be testing the waters to find out if he has a shot with you.

9 more than just friends

10. He casually flirts with you.

Not sleazy comments… But genuine compliments and some healthy flirting.

11. At times, you catch him looking at you and smiling…

And then you end up blushing a little too! *Aww*

11 more than just friends

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