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19 *Naughty* Texts To Make Him Think About You ALL. Day. Long!

19 *Naughty* Texts To Make Him Think About You ALL. Day. Long!
It’s not really hard getting a guy’s attention, is it? Especially with sexy, naughty text messages. If you’re running out of ideas for sexy texts to send him, feel free to try some of these out! They're surely going to grab his attention. Have fun!

1. “Hey, I’m wearing nothing but your shirt right now.”

He won't be able to run to you fast enough!

2. “I’m home alone and touching myself. Wanna come over?”

The only answer to this will be YES!

3. “Just bought some lacy, black lingerie.”

He won't be able to stop imagining you in it!

4 “I’ve been in bed all day, thinking about you...”

Now he'll be thinking about you all day!

5. “Let’s make love? NOW!”

Your wish will be his command!

6. I want you to touch me...everywhere!”

And then tell him exactly where!

7. “You turn me on like no else ever has.”

Because he's special - in every way!

8. “I want your body against mine!”

No clothes in between!

9. “I want to feel your skin. Every inch of it on mine!”

Paint the picture - in detail - for him!

10. “I can’t wait to see you naked tonight!”

Straightforward but does the trick!

11. “Will you come over and play with my body?”

And then you can play with his...

12. “I love it when you kiss me...down there!”

And then tell him everything else you love too!

13. “Let’s take a shower together next time we meet?”

And get all soapy and slippery together!

14. “I had a very, very naughty dream about you last night”

Give him 3 chances to guess what it was!

15. “What would you like me to do in bed tonight?”

Give him a chance to lead - he'll jump at it!

16. “I wish you were here in bed with me.”

Trust us, he'll be wishing he was there!

17. “I’m naked, by the way.”

Yup, this is all it takes if you want to keep it simple.

18. “You wanna know what I’m going to do to you later? *Wink*"

Keep him guessing, girl!

19. “You’re so f*cking HOT, I can't stop thinking about you!”

Flattery will get you everywhere!!

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