10 Tips for Brides to Follow for Healthy Sex After Marriage!

10 Tips for Brides to Follow for Healthy Sex After Marriage!
As a bride-to-be, we’re sure you already have a lot on your plate. Outfits, jewellery, decor, vendors… Your to-do list is never-ending. But amidst all this, you must not ignore your health -- or sexual health, to be more precise. When you have an active sex life, it’s important you give your sexual health utmost importance. Here are 10 health tips a bride-to-be should keep in mind about sex after marriage.

1. Go for a check-up

1 sexual health tips

Whether or not you’ve been sexually active before the wedding, a health check-up is a must. Fix an appointment with a trusted gynaecologist for a routine check-up to ensure a healthy sex life after marriage. Regular check-ups are a must to catch a minor infection or disease at its early stages and work towards the treatment. This is also the right time to get clarity on any sex or pregnancy related doubts that you may have.

2. Regulate your periods

Irregular periods are a matter of concern. Even more when you’re getting married. After all, delayed periods could hamper your wedding or honeymoon celebrations. If you do suffer from irregular periods, consult your gynae at least 3 months in advance so you have enough time before the wedding to regularise things, and it will help you feel more at ease when you have sex after marriage.

3. The sex clean up

It’s essential to wash up nice and clean before and after sex. You want to be clean and dirt free when your partner enters you. Also, it’s essential to wash away any sweat or body fluids that your vagina may have come in contact with, after the act. This is extremely important to prevent vaginal infections.

4. Get yourself tested

Goes without saying. You and your partner both need to get tested for STDs and STIs before you start this new relationship. It’s always good to know the status so that you can be rest assured or under any other circumstances, your treatment can start ASAP. It is tricky to ask your fiance to get tested, but in this day and age, it’s best that you don’t take chances if you want a healthy sex life after marriage, in fact more importantly, a healthy life after marriage.

5. Vaginal hygiene

5 sexual health tips

Wash your vagina regularly and always wear clean underwear. It’s best to wear cotton undergarments to avoid sweat down there and never ever wear the same underwear for long hours. Make sure you wipe clean your vagina front to back and not back to front. These few basic steps are essential towards maintaining your vaginal hygiene and having safer sex after marriage.

6. Don’t forget to pee after the act

It is highly advised that you pee after intercourse to avoid getting a UTI. Peeing after sex helps to flush out infection-causing bacteria and is extremely important for your sexual health after marriage.

7. Always use a condom

Condoms are the best precaution against unwanted pregnancy. Also, unprotected sex puts you at the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. And no, condoms in no way reduce your sexual pleasure. They certainly lead to a safer sex life after marriage.

8. Indulging in oral sex?

It’s essential to follow a few basic dos and don’ts if you’re indulging in oral sex. It goes without saying that you must rinse your mouth properly before and after the act. Another thing to be careful about during sex after marriage is to never indulge in oral sex if either of you has a cut or a boil in your mouth as the open wound can transfer infections easily. Also, never ever kiss after an oral; clean your mouth first!

9. Birth control measures

9 sexual health tips

Do not EVER take birth control pills without consulting your gynaecologist. Most doctors do not advice morning after pills since they may be harmful in the long run. Talk to your gynae about contraceptives, it’s important to choose the right option for you when you want a healthy sex life after marriage.

10. Have a lot of sex!

Sex is good for you, so have lots of it! The endorphins released during sex act as stress relievers and mood boosters. Sex also boosts your immunity levels while giving you a happy, healthy glow thanks to the higher levels of oestrogen that sexually active women have. Plus, who doesn’t like to have sex?!

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