10 Sex Tips Every Girl Should Know To Make Sex *Even* Better!

10 Sex Tips Every Girl Should Know To Make Sex *Even* Better!
There is always some scope for improvement when it comes to sex. You can and should strive for better things, even if you’re already good at it! So here are 10 sex tips for girls that you need to keep in mind to make your sex life better and more happening than it already is!

Sex tip 1. Set the mood

It’s crucial to get the setting right. Spontaneous sex has its perks but every once in a while, you should actually try to create a soulful and relaxing setting that will help both you and your bae get in the right mood instantly!

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Sex tip 2. Don’t rush it

It is not always a good idea to do things fast, even though that may seem like the trend of the world at the moment! Sometimes, a good sex tip for girls is to take it slow and steady!

Sex tip 3. Lend a helpful hand

You are both in it together, so it’s only fair that you help your partner out and vice versa! And there is no better way you can help each other than by using your hands! Move them, use your hands to play around with your partner’s body. It’s the best kind of stimulation!

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Sex tip 4. Let the fantasies unleash

We all have certain fantasies that we keep to ourselves. It’s time to spill the beans, with this sex tip for girls. Tell your partner what you want and ask them what they like. Communicate your deepest desires to bring some colour in your sex life!

Sex tip 5. Dirty talk please!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there is nothing better than some simple dirty talking when it comes to stimulating your partner’s and even your own senses. Say it with conviction and you’ll definitely feel it too!

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Sex tip 6. One word - experiment!

Monotony is boring everywhere, especially in the bedroom. So make sure you experiment with new tricks and positions to keep the excitement level alive and kicking.

Sex tip 7. Try new sensations

The best sex tip for girls is to practice different ways of turning on your partner. Try ice, whipped cream, licking chocolate off! The new sensations will heighten your senses and take your next session onto another level!

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Sex tip 8. Let go of your inhibitions

Making love is a very intimate thing that two people do. So while you are at it, try to leave your inhibitions in that tiny corner where they belong and do what you have to in order to reach that point of utter bliss!

Sex tip 9. Go for quickies

Another great sex tip for girls is to learn to do a quicky! Quickies are almost like a nice and short foreplay in themselves. Find a vacant corner and get started! It will leave both you and your partner satisfied and wanting more at the same time!

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Sex tip 10. Change the rhythm

Shake things up a bit! If you have always been slow and steady in bed, then go for all powerful fast movements and if you are generally passionate in bed then go for calmer movements. And in between, shake things up again! Leave your partner guessing what’s next!

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