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#HeSays: 10 Sex Struggles Guys Face (Girls, You Have No Idea!)

#HeSays: 10 Sex Struggles Guys Face (Girls, You Have No Idea!)
Along with having sex, come some small and some not-so-small sex struggles. Oh, did you think us guys don't face any major ones? Well, you'll be thinking differently once you read this, that's for sure. Here are 10 sex struggles guys face that you might never have imagined!

1. What partying too much does to our, er, performance

We may love our single malts, but we also know what it does to our performance in the bedroom, ladies. You have no idea how much we worry about the number of drinks we're pouring when we know we're getting laid later. And not just because we can get a bit clumsy...

2. Muscle cramps

Not always, of course, but can you even imagine what happens during those moments when all of our weight is on our arms or all of your weight is on our legs? Yeah, the struggle to avoid getting a cramp during these times is real.

3. Finishing too early

Well, this one is a bit obvious, and we're pretty sure you girls can't relate much to it. Some of you might even think that all we care about is getting off, but we care more about not getting off too quickly. 3 sex struggles

4. Or finishing in/ on the wrong place

When we're at that brink, you have no clue what a jumble of thoughts our minds become. We have barely any control over anything that is about to happen - and it's really difficult to figure out at this point what is appropriate and what is not.

5. Condom malfunctions

We're sure you girls worry about taking the pill daily if you're on it. But once you take it, you feel pretty settled, right? Well, that's unfortunately not the case with condoms. Until the moment it's completely disposed of, we're still wondering whether it might tear, slip off, etc., etc., etc.

6. When roaming elbows and knees meet our balls

Oh, this happens - you know it, ladies! And we don't reallyyy blame you - we get that moving around in bed during and after sex can get a bit messy. But it's the absolutely worst thing when you're moving into a position we're looking forward to and then BAM, we need to break for 10.
6 sex struggles

7. Teeth during blow jobs

We love blow jobs, we really do. And we get that this can be a struggle for you too, but just not the way it is for us. To be in the (sometimes constant) fear that we'll be feeling your teeth down there is just something else.

8. Losing a boner in bed for no reason

Yes, this happens, and yes, it can be really embarrassing. And (mostly) it has absolutely nothing to do with you. But that's because we don't really know what the reason for it is. And that can be really frustrating. REALLY!

9. Sweating a bit too much

In the positions that require us to do a bit too much physical activity, things tend to get a little bit too sweaty too. And that's not fun. You know what you'll do when sweat drips off of our foreheads onto yours? CRINGE. Not fun. 9 sex struggles

10. Not getting any

Not this one is above and beyond everything else, yes? No matter how many struggles we face during sex, the biggest one is not getting any sex at all! Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr