#HeSays: 17 Sex Resolutions For 2017... For You & Your Guy!

#HeSays: 17 Sex Resolutions For 2017... For You & Your Guy!
Getting fit and eating healthy are on every second person’s resolution list. We’re sure you've thought about it too... But did you even think about putting ‘have great sex’ on that list of yours? Well, let us help you out a bit - because these resolutions are actually going to be really, really fun to keep! So, go on, make these sex resolutions for 2017 with your guy - he’ll be thrilled!

1. A new sex position every month. Successfully or unsuccessfully - just do it for the experience.

2. Be more open about what you want in bed - instead of hoping the other person picks up the subtle hints.

3. Make time for *more* sex.

4. Take it out of the bedroom and let it be an adventure.

4 sex resolutions

5. Do it somewhere you can get caught - not too public an area, but still a bit risque.

6. Take foreplay more seriously - it’s as important as (if not more than) the main act.

7. Finally try that role play fantasy you’ve always thought would be incredibly hot.

8. Be more open to trying new things. There are still many ‘firsts’ left!

8 sex resolutions

9. Go down more… Return those oral favours to each other!

10. Talk more about sex - and even during sex. Let it not be something that can’t be discussed openly.

11. Keep condoms handy - always. Doesn’t matter if you’re the girl or the guy, they protect *both* of you!

12. Be less distracted and focus just on the sex when you’re doing it. Turn off the ringer on your phone to start with.

12 sex resolutions

13. Send more dirty texts...and pictures!

14. Invest in...tools. Whether it’s just lube or outrageous vibrating rings. Some are a huge help and some are just fun!

15. Learn a few new tricks - something with your hands and something with your tongue. And then surprise each other with them!

16. Make sex more *fun* - sex doesn’t always have to be sexy. It can be playful, funny and totally random!

16 sex resolutions

17. Get innovative during the build-up to sex - just because you know what works for you doesn’t mean there aren't other new things that might work even better.

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