Try These 10 Sexy ‘Moves’ To Rock His World Like Never Before!

Try These 10 Sexy ‘Moves’ To Rock His World Like Never Before!
Ladies, it's time to heat things up in the sack! Had enough of the subtle hints and the shy act? Well, then, it's time to take things up a notch. And, of course, we're here to help you, like we always are! So let's begin with these 10 sex moves that will rock his world...and yours!

1. Walk in with confidence

Confidence is always the key to great sex! So leave all your inhibitions this time around. Just shake it off and walk in with a bounce in your step and flip of your hair. He will instantly notice this change and you know what? Change is good!

1 sex moves

2. Start with featherlight kisses

Being passionate is great! But when starting things off, it’s better to take it slow. Give him ‘almost-there’ kisses starting from the top of his head till the button of his pants! Let his body feel your soft and warm touch one kiss at a time!

3. Be an underwear tease

Don’t take off your underwear...just yet. Even after you’re both almost naked, keep your undies on for just a little bit longer. This extra time will only leave him wanting more of what’s beneath!

3 sex moves

4. Take control

Don’t just let him do whatever he likes. Guide him to do things you want him to do to you. Take his hand and place it wherever you want it to be, pull him closer. Now that the teasing time is gone, it’s time to bring out the passion!

5. Bend it better

No sex position is successful until it has the right angle. So make sure your body is not stiff during sex. Do a few jumping jacks to warm up before your big night. Hook your knees around your partner’s shoulders, clench your butt, lift your pelvis - flex it out a little bit!

5 sex moves

6. Throw in some dirty words

Of course, sex is always just a little incomplete without some dirty talk. Whisper what you want him to do in his ear or scream it out loud - whatever floats your boat!

7. Sit up tall

If you decide to be on top (which we suggest you should), then don’t slouch. Sometimes it happens without you even realizing it. However, remember to sit up straight and tall. Men find the view from down there super sexy!

7 sex moves

8. Blow on his skin

Sex makes our bodies sensitive to every little touch and feeling. And there is just something so hot about blowing warm air on your partner’s skin. All of his senses would be immediately heightened by this little act!

9. Tickle him

No, we don’t mean the usual way! If you are planning to go down on him then here’s a little trick you might want to have up your sleeve - try to use your fingers when performing oral sex to stroke him at the same time. It’s going to tickle but not in a bad way. The new and unexpected texture of your fingers will give him a rush like never before!

9 sex moves1

10. One word - multitasking!

Women are already great at multitasking so this won’t be a challenge for you. Make sure you are doing more than one thing at a time. While you are kissing, move your feet up and down his legs. When he is on top, don’t just lie there - kiss him, pull him closer. When you are going down on him, focus on the star but don’t forget the supporting players, if you know what we mean!

So there, we hope these little sex tips and tricks will rock your next night with him! *wink*

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