The First Time We Tried Using A Vibrating Ring During Sex...

The First Time We Tried Using A Vibrating Ring During Sex...
I was dating this guy back in college whom I really liked. It was one of those more fun, less-worries kind of relationships. We were always trying new things...outside the bedroom and inside as well!

One day, me and my friend went to this 24x7 store which had a vibrating ring. A vibrating ring is a ring that can be slid onto a penis, and a small vibrator on the top is supposed to send vibrations through your body when, you know, it’s inside! For the sole purpose of figuring out how the shopkeeper would react if two girls bought them, we went up to the counter and asked him for two packets of the ring. The reaction, of course, was hilarious. He was dumbfounded and mumbled to one of the guys to give us what we needed. It was a super crazy thing to do for both me and my friend!

When I bought the ring, I hadn’t given much thought to whether I actually wanted to use it. However, later that night, when I was talking to my boyfriend and telling him about this incident, he asked, ‘So, you actually bought it?’

‘Yeah, insane, isn’t it?’ I laughed

‘Haha, yeah, but are you going to use it?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know. Would you want to?’ I said in a naughty tone.

‘Well, now that you have bought it, it would be a shame not to use it, right?’ he replied mischievously. So we decided to use it the next time we met! What’s life without a few sex experiments, right?

Internal vibrating ring

The next week, after a nice evening together, when I found out my flatmates weren’t going to be back for the night, we thought it would be the perfect time to try it! He put on a condom before putting on the ring - because that’s what the safer option was, according to the Internet. There was a little button to switch the ring on and off with batteries inside.

Excited as I was, I was also a little skeptical about how I was going to let something like that inside my body. I mean, what if something went wrong? Nevertheless, it sounded more interesting than scary...and so I let it be!

And I am so glad it did! The vibrations were just perfect to turn our regular evening into a heavenly one! They weren’t, like, excessive vibrations, but just soft yet thrilling ones. Good enough to get my heart racing and wanting more! Even my boyfriend enjoyed it thoroughly! We regret not using more lubrication along with it, though. We read later on that it actually makes it easier, and we could have gone on longer.

Once we were done, we just switched the button off. Yes, it’s that easy! And no, it doesn’t fall off inside your body - which was one of my fears, unfortunately! All in all, it was a pretty overwhelming experience with a great ending.

As I found out later, my friend also had quite a fun evening, thanks to this tiny little invention! And all we have to say is, we liked it and we put a ring on it! *Wink*

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