#HeSays: A Regular Indian Guy’s *Ultimate* Sex Checklist!

#HeSays: A Regular Indian Guy’s *Ultimate* Sex Checklist!
Everyone has a checklist of naughty things they want to try - we wouldn't believe you if you denied it, ladies! Although, yeah, the things on our list might be really different from the ones you have on yours… So let’s give you a sneak peek at what most guys’ lists have in common, then? Here are the wild and sexy things that make up an average Indian guy’s ultimate sex bucket list!

1. Three's A Crowd

Obviously, a threesome. And, obviously, with two women. This is every guy’s ultimate fantasy. To be with two women (who are more interested in us than in each other) at the same time.

2. The Mile High Club

Yes, those tiny washrooms on flights seem awfully cramped. But that isn't going to keep us from fantasizing about having sex there - it's a milestone thing with us guys, we really don't care if it's just that once.

3. Full On BDSM

With all of this bondage floating around, you really should have seen this one coming. Of course we want to try this with all the strings and...whips. And it would be even better if we were able to visit one of those BDSM clubs we've heard so much about...

3 sex bucket list

4. The Backdoor

We can't knock it until we try it, right? And we so, so want to try it. Experimenting with anal is a must for all of us guys to check off their lists!

5. Late Night Special

So yeah, we've watched porn. But what we really want to do is make an adult movie of our own! Just imagine it - having amazing sex and then reliving that amazing sex whenever we like through the video… Sounds awesome to us!

6. The Older Woman

To be very clear, we mean a woman who is much, much, much more experienced in bed than us. We just think it'll be an eye-opening kind of experience, you know?

6 sex bucket list

7. Office Office!

Most of us guys spend every weekday typing away at our desks… All the while, really just wanting to push everything off the desk, bend over a girl who is obviously pretending to be our colleague and, well, ahem… You get the picture.

8. Outdoor Adventure

We're all big on the outdoorsy stuff. We're even bigger on having sex while doing outdoorsy stuff. No guy would ever say no to sex while camping in thes wood or under a waterfall. It's our dream. There's no way we're letting go of it.

9. Head x 2

A threesome is awesome and similar...but not quite. Getting a blow job from two girls at the same time - let's just say, there's nothing better in the whole damn world.

9 sex bucket list

10. Our Way On The Highway

We've spent more hours stucks in the city traffic in our country than we've spent...doing ANYTHING else actually. So we do often wonder what it would be like to be getting some sexual gratification in our cars. Maybe just head, maybe just a hand, or maybe sex in the backseat of a limo. We'll take anything, we're not fussy.

11. The Desi Girl

Sure, the gorgeous dresses you girls wear can turn us on no end, but just once, we really want to do the whole saree routine. In short, let's have sex while you're wearing a saree? We promise not to ruin anything!

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