17 Romantic Moments Your Boyfriend Deserves As Much As You Do!

17 Romantic Moments Your Boyfriend Deserves As Much As You Do!
Who says only women crave for romance? Men crave for it as much as we do...they just don’t like admitting it. But we know that our boyfriends too like those cute little gestures of love. So girls, take note, here are 17 super romantic moments that your boyfriend deserves as much as you do!

1. Miniature gifts

It should be small but something that has emotional value for him. Like the favourite candy he told you about or a pair of socks after he complains about not having any. Miniature gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket are a great way of showing how much you love him!

1 romantic moments

2. Cute little notes

Whether they admit it or not, men love the cutesy stuff as much as women do. Leave him little notes in the car, in the house or just hide them in his pockets so he can read them unexpectedly!

3. Actually listening to him

Listening to all the little things he says and actually paying attention is something men definitely deserve. Whether it is about how his day went or what he had for lunch, you should actually show interest in what he has to say.

3 romantic moments

4. Good-morning texts

Send him good morning texts to let him know how much he means to you. This will also help him kick start his day in a great mood…and he’ll owe it all to you! *Wink*

5. Cute comments on his new Instagram post

They will never say it but men too like some social media attention. Leave a cute comment on his pictures or status updates and you will leave him smiling for the rest of the day!

5 romantic moments

6. Spending time with his friends

Because it is important to show that you like, or can at least get along with the people he really loves. Take some time out to hit it off with his friends. It would actually be a good thing for your future if both of you get along with each other’s friends.

7. Tiny pecks

You know what’s the next best thing after kisses? Tiny pecks that don’t lead to anything. They are just short versions of kisses to really display your affection. You can plant them on his forehead or lips whenever you want, even while he just looks super cute while reading or watching TV!

7 romantic moments

8. Movie date…

When you choose a movie that he would like instead of the one that you would enjoy. It might be a little tough if both of you don’t have similar taste in movies. But trust us, his smile would be worth it!

9. Some serious massage time

He gets tired too! And he deserves a nice massage just as much as you do. A massage with just the aim of relaxing him and nothing else!

9 romantic moments

10. A day out for him

Plan a day out on your own of doing things that he enjoys! It’s a date customized just for him!

11. Write him something...

Could be a poem, a song or just a beautiful prose. Write something about him and for him. It will make him feel super special!

11 romantic moments

12. An unusual compliment

While compliments are normal, there is a way to make them slightly unusual and making him blush. It could be about a part of his body or personality that you have never mentioned before. He’ll never see it coming and he’ll love it all the more!

13. Heartfelt apologies...

For when you screw up, it’s only right if you are the one who apologises. And actually mean it.

13 romantic moments

14. Game night

Take out his favourite team’s jersey, get some beer ready and prepare yourself to watch a game with him. It will mean a lot to him! Also, it would be better if you can familiarize yourself with the game and its rules before you get down to it!

15. Oral sex without reciprocation

For just that one night, of course!

15 romantic moments

16. A long warm hug

Hugs are just the best! Go ahead and give him a tight warm hug that lasts over a minute. Don’t let go! Make it tight and long!

17. ‘I love you’

These three words are as romantic as it will get! Tell him that you love him because he loves to hear it every time you say it!

17 romantic moments

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