11 AWESOME Perks Of Having Small Boobs!

11 AWESOME Perks Of Having Small Boobs!
ALL boobs in general are pretty amazing... Whether your girls are big or small, you should always smother them with love and affection. If you have small boobs, we give you 11 reasons to love them! (Did anyone tell you how awesome they are?!)

1. Ask anyone - small boobs are the cutest!

After all, they’re perky, bouncy and perfectly round!

1 small boobs

2. Don’t feel like wearing a bra today?! Take it off!

If you like, it could be #NoBra day for you every day during winter season. How cool is that?

3. You don’t often have to get annoyed about guys staring at your boobs while talking to you.

And you know that making eye contact is like, the sexiest thing ever!

3 small boobs

4. You get to wear the prettiest bralets and padded bras of all time.

And the best part - you always manage to get them in your size too!

5. You always manage to pull off button down shirts, tube dresses, jumpsuits, halter necks, low-cut blouses or v-neck tees with zero effort.

Never will you have to worry about your boobs not fitting into that cute new top!

5 small boobs

6. If you’ve lived the hostel life, we bet you’ve tried to hide your keys, chocolates, money and your phone, in your bra.

And have always got away with it like a pro!

7. Pretty much any bikini top looks amazing on you!

Take a bow, ladies!

7 small boobs

8. You’ll never have to experience a backache in this lifetime - at least not because of your boobs!

Or even sagging for that matter!

9. University of Vienna stated in a study that women with small boobs tend to experience more pleasure during sex.

Because, bigger knockers weigh more and are less sensitive than smaller ones. Enjoy the perks, ladies!

9 small boobs

10. You never feel the need for extra support for your boobs while running or climbing up the stairs.

Or while doing anything else for that matter - you've got the bounce under control!

11.  And finally - they’re yours, and remember, there is no one out there like you.

Or your boobs! *Wink*

11 small boobs

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