10 Reasons Men Love Being In A Relationship (Not Just Sex!)

10 Reasons Men Love Being In A Relationship (Not Just Sex!)
Men often come across as beings who just LOVE their freedom, and they do! But contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that they do not like being in a relationship. It may sound kinda unusual but trust us, it’s not. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Here are a few reasons as to why exactly men love being in a relationship...

1. They cherish physical intimacy.

The warm, meaningful kind. Touches that go deeper than just on the skin and that can make them feel happy and loved. Sex can be a part of the deal but even small actions like cuddling, hugging, holding hands...these give them a sense of attachment, which they cherish.

1 Men love being in a relationship

2. They appreciate the sense of emotional security that comes along.

In a relationship, men gradually grow to trust their partners which gives them a sense of emotional security. They tend to unravel more of their raw unaltered emotional side to the person they love, with every passing day. And that sense of belonging with someone means a lot to them.

3. ...And they know they will not be judged for doing this.

The biggest reason they feel at ease with their partners is because they do not have to pretend to be perfect and know that they are not being judged for being their real selves. All quirks are part of the deal too!

3 Men love being in a relationship

4. They can trust their partner to be honest about the tiniest of things

Just like women, men too look for loyalty and honesty in their partners and trust them to be true even when the truth doesn’t sound all perky and bright. Are the jeans too tight? Am I getting way too careless lately? They can finally expect to-the-point answers to questions like these.

5. They love having someone who they can break down in front of, once in a while.

Many guys feel the need to be the stronger (physically and mentally) one out of the two genders, even in a relationship. Because of this, they often find themselves exercising more restraint on their emotions than they should have to. Having a partner gives them the freedom to not do so all the time. They know that even in their weakest moments they will still be loved and supported without being judged.

5 Men love being in a relationship

6. They love being pampered too!

Well, not literally pampered… Just taken care of. They love being on the receiving end of romantically inclined affection and care. Just like we do.

7. ...And they love having someone they can do the same for.

Believe us when we say, they love having someone they can shower love and affection on, in the simplest and the grandest ways possible. Making their partner happy makes them happy too and gives them the satisfaction of having done something positive.

7 Men love being in a relationship

8. They know they can seek no-questions-asked refuge if they want to.

At times, everyone needs to shut the world out and just be on their own. Men cherish the fact that they can do so with their partner by their side, without being bombarded with a million questions of what, why and how.

9. Their life becomes more organized…and that’s saying something!

This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. In general, everything in their life, right from their closet to their routines, becomes more organized when they have a partner. In the long run, it does keep a lot of things sorted.

9 Men love being in a relationship

10. No matter how strong or how busy or how independent...everyone needs love.

The true, honest, never-say-die, forever kind of love that will stand strong through thick and thin.

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