20 Questions That Will Reveal How He *Really* Feels About You!

20 Questions That Will Reveal How He *Really* Feels About You!

If you and bae find yourself lazing on the couch or if you have just started dating, and are having one of those ‘we have nothing to talk about’ dates, try this question and answer game! Here are 20 questions to ask your boyfriend, that will reveal what exactly he feels about you. Try doing a ‘rapid fire’ just so that he comes out with his first thought and not prim and proper answers. So get set, go!

1. ‘If you had to use just one word to describe me, what would it be? Sexy, beautiful or elegant?’

Hint: He can also act all poetic and say, ‘Words are not enough to describe you’. (Brownie points: 1000!)

2. ‘When you think of me, which fictional character comes to your mind?’

Hint: If he even thinks along the lines of Cruella De Vil, smack him with a pillow!

3. ‘What about me scares you or makes you apprehensive?’

Hint: This one’s to find out if he gets scared easily, girls! Make notes!

4. ‘Given a chance, what would be the one thing you would change about me?’

Hint: ‘Nothing’ is a perfectly acceptable (and adorable) answer too! 4 questions to ask your boyfriend

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5. ‘If you had to associate me with one animal what would that be?’

Hint: Fictional animals accepted!

6. ‘Close your eyes and think about me, what do you see?’

Hint: His answer may divert the conversation ‘elsewhere’. If you know what we mean!

7. ‘If you wrote my biography, what would you call it?’

Hint: His answer can tell you SO much about how he feels about you. Also, ‘your name’ is not a valid answer for this one!

8. ‘If you only had 24 hours to spend with me, what would you do?’

Hint: And a sex marathon can't be the ONLY thing! 8 questions to ask your boyfriend

9. ‘If a movie was made based on our story, who would you choose to play me?’

Hint: This one’s a bit of a head scratcher so don’t be mad if he doesn’t come up with something right away!

10. ‘Which of my physical features is your favourite?’

Hint: You might blush when you hear it!

11. ‘What was it about me that caught your attention when we first met?’

Hint: You are allowed to gloat about his answer a bit. *Grin*

12. ‘What is the one weird thing about me that you actually like?’

Hint: For this one, ‘nothing’ is not an acceptable answer! 12 questions to ask your boyfriend

13. ‘Which song makes you think about me?’

Hint: This one’s totally gotta be ‘your’ song!

14. ‘What is the one thing you really want to ask me, but are scared to do so for the fear of crossing the line?’

Hint: Practice your poker face, girls! Can't be judgemental if you're asking him to open up!

15. ‘If we do not make it, what about me will you miss the most?’

Hint: Body parts won’t make the most flattering answers. You know what we mean, right?

16. ‘If I said you could date other people, would you?’

Hint: You can totally go ‘awww’ if he says ‘no’. And smack him again if he doesn't! 16 questions to ask your boyfriend

17. ‘If you had to describe me to someone who has never met me, what would you say?’

Hint: ‘My girlfriend’ is not enough! Make him think a bit harder!

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18. ‘What would you do if one of your friends does not like me?’

Hint: The number and length of ‘umm(s)’ will tell you more than the other words he uses!

19. ‘Have you ever fantasized about me? Which one’s your favourite?’

Hint: Make a mental note of this one for future reference!

20. ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you trust me?’

Hint: And if he gets all filmy with his answer, you can reward him by answering all of these for him! 20 questions to ask your boyfriend GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr