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15 Cute Promises To Make To Your Boyfriend - Just Because!

15 Cute Promises To Make To Your Boyfriend - Just Because!
Dear bae, you are my favourite weirdo in the whole wide world and I love you with all my heart. So, last week when you sent me a link to an article that read ‘10 promises guys should make to their girlfriends’, I took the cue. Here are 15 promises girls should make to the man of their dreams!

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1. ‘I promise to buy you your fave football team’s jersey, the one you’ve wanted forever!’

Don’t lie... I saw you staring at it through the display window for 10 minutes straight.

1 promises girls should make

2. ‘I promise to give you a good night kiss even when you have a runny nose and look like a polar bear snuggling in all of those blankets…’

Runny noses never bothered me anyway.

3. ‘I promise to have popcorn and beer on our movie nights. Oh and also on match nights!’

But remember to pick up some nachos for me, okay?

3 promises girls should make

4. ‘I promise to try to be less pissed at you during that time of the month’

I’ll try, I will try hard, but PLEASE can you not forget to bring the ice cream and chocolates?

5. ‘I promise to watch the next sequel of Die Hard with you… sober’

But then you have to watch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars with me… sober.

5 promises girls should make

6. ‘I promise to nag you less about leaving the toilet seat up…’

Can you please not leave it up though? *Angel ring over the head*

7. ‘I promise to be as much of a weirdo as you are and not be an extremely sensible human being’

Well, most of the time.

7 promises girls should make

8. ‘I promise to order my own share of tasty-but-not-so-healthy food, and not steal yours all the time’

But you have to let me steal your food sometimes. It’s kinda cute, don’t you think? *Toothy grin*

9. ‘I promise not to put 55 different creams on the bathroom stand, leaving no place for your stuff’

But you really need to stop hanging all the clothes you own behind the bathroom door, please.

9 promises girls should make

10. ‘I promise not to tell anyone that you love gossip as much as I do!’


11. ‘I promise to say ‘ooh’, ‘aah’ and ‘that jackass!’ at all the right places, when you rant about your boss’

And then I promise to cuddle with you after, to make you feel better.

11 promises girls should make

12. ‘I promise to not call you pumpkin or babu or the-unspeakable-name-only-the-two-of-us-know, in front of your friends’

But if you let my secret name slip, then the world will know that smoochy poochy mushy name!

13. ‘I promise to try not to go all “hahahahahaha” when you do something stupid in public.’

I may bury my face in my handbag instead. #DyingWithLaughter

13 promises girls should make

14. ‘I promise to share the last piece of pizza with you.’

Yes, that’s how much I love you.

15. ‘I promise to love you with all my heart even when you are a wrinkled, cranky old man with a walking stick.’

*Walking stick high five*

15 promises girls should make

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