#MyStory: The Most Adventurous Sex I’ve Ever Had With Him Was…

#MyStory: The Most Adventurous Sex I’ve Ever Had With Him Was…
I love my boyfriend a lot! He tells me he loves me because I'm a loving, adventurous girl who makes him feel alive. I don't consider myself to be an ‘adventurous’ girl - me and adventure don't go hand in hand really. So I asked him why he felt I was an adventurous girlfriend, and to my surprise, his answer makes me blush till today. He asked me if I remembered the night we had sex on the staircase of his house, and I understood where he was coming from.

Here’s what happened: We always used to meet up after work to spend some time with each other. We had just started to date each other and like every new couple, we were just moonstruck and each moment together was precious! He used to stay with two flatmates who didn't know about us. It was a task to hide from them but we always managed.

This one night though, we both wanted to make love but there was no way we could get inside his house without his flatmates knowing. We realized it was impossible and decided to just head out and have dinner instead. Then, all of a sudden, I got an idea and asked him if his building had a terrace. He said no, and that the top floor was a penthouse with a private terrace. But he also told me that the stairs lead to this sort of a dead end and that no one ever went there. We decided to try our luck there.

Internal adventurous girlfriend

We went to the top floor, and to our surprise, it was empty. There was only a water motor there and it was dark too, which made it a convenient corner for us. He pulled me towards himself and we both started making out. At first, I was hesitant as it was the main staircase in his building and anyone could land up there at any time. But I asked him to go ahead and things got more heated up from then on. Considering we were standing on the staircase, the first hurdle was to adjust and match our height with each other and decide who should be standing on which step. After deciding and adjusting our position, the second hurdle was the water motor, which kept switching on and off. The reason I'm mentioning the motor is because the sound coming from it was loud and very annoying. We gradually got used to it. After getting comfy, we both started to kiss each other again and then came the sex. I have to mention here that this was the best sex I had ever had with him! We both made sure that we weren’t making too much noise and attracting unwanted attention.

The most adorable part came after the sex actually. We both hugged each other and were trying to get back to a normal breathing pattern. We had forgotten about all the noise the motor had been making while we were at it. When things normalized we suddenly heard the motor again and came back to the real world with a start! We hugged each other and laughed for some time after that.

This is quite the memory and by far the most adventurous thing I have done in my life!

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